Monday, May 9, 2016

Cleaning Day - Dread it or Joy?

Cleaning Day, it is such a joyous day for me.

Cleaning Day happens once a month with the help of a friend of mine who has a cleaning business.

My house is clean generally all the time.  I'm a drop it and leave the cluttered and littered mess kind of gal.  Since this day is once a month, the littering and clutter doesn't get too bad.  So the night or two before, I run around and put items back into their places.  Since I started a minimalism campaign about 18 months ago, most items have a place.  Of course one could wonder why I don't put it in its place when I have it in my hand?   Guess I got distracted!

Cleaning Day is a chance to get the big stuff completed and caught up without losing a step in my work schedule.

On the dawn of the Cleaning Day, I begin the wash, make a great cup of coffee and pick up the last few items.  Then Sabina arrives!  We go over any extra items that need to be done and then she wizzes away.  I get back to working on the day's tasks and responsibilities.

We stop for some lunch and catch up on each other lives, and then it's back to work for both of us. 

Then low and behold, she is done and viola it's like a magnificent hotel suite!  There is a fresh smell about, all the laundry is completed, bed changed and made, vacuuming done, trash out just to say a few.  There is an amazing relaxing feeling about my home.    I tiptoe about for several days to keep the feeling going.   

Over these last 18 months, I must say that my home stays picked up better because of Cleaning Day.  A recent article I read affirmed my thoughts that clearing the clutter is healthy to the mind and spirit.  While each of us is different, I do think that a "place for everything and everything in its place" keeps my life in order, saves so much time looking for those bits 'n pieces and keeping the sanity of day somewhat in line.

Hoping you find the joy in Cleaning Day, however you find it.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy New Year to me!

Happy New Year to me.  Yes, I've come up from the "season" yet once again.  It was long and challenging.  Yet, I'm out on this side once again.

This year needs to be a bit different.  In the dark of the winter months, I've had some time to reflect of what I have been involved in the past, what I'm currently involved in and what those items I'd love to try out in the future.  

Of course the future items and events many of them, I don't even know exist yet.  I do know, it is time to clear more of my decks so that there is the opportunity to be available to what comes across my path.

My year has generally been eight months long - May 1st through December.  Yesterday I took a bit of time to ponder.  What this year will be?  This is what I've come up with so far.

Minimalism  - Continue to downsize!  I continue to evaluate my "stuff".  A friend is having a tag sale so I could unload a few more or lots more items.  I also had an 'ah ha' moment as I could take part in the weekend flea market to dispose of more of my stuff.  During the season, I rearranged one of my rooms, well it was one room that impacted one other room that had two areas.  I was able to rearrange and viola - I have an empty room.  The room with the two areas is so much more enjoyable. 

Art - Spend time with my art .  My lace is in  various stages - lots of projects in at various stages of completion.   Fairs and such are beginning as it becomes demonstration season.  How do I get back to being part of it?  I was watching a video of myself giving a seminar, "Lace is Everywhere" and re-experienced joy.  Time to bring some of that joy back to the present!

Volunteerism - A big part of my non-working life.  I generally enjoy being part of organizations.  There is the contribution part, community part, and the just ride along part.  The first two are where I receive my most joy.  The third part is okay and helps balance out the my personal schedule.

Family and Friends -  Time is needed to help out a relative that has some challenges.  That will require being on the road quite a bit more.  Other family members have been doing the lion's share to date. Time for me now to give them some relief.  

Happy New Year to me.  I've started off with a different kind of list.  It's a more joyous perspective look at what I have before me. 

Hope your New Year 2016 has given you joy!