Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reservation Two

Camp is going to be fun this summer. Tonight I'm attending a concert - provided it doesn't get rained out again! Last night around 5pm all the heavens and maybe some hell fell down upon the greater Hartford area. I lost power until earlier today. The turnpike was shut down - that was a sight to see! WestFarms Mall had to close.

Tonight's concert is the Talcott Mountain series to be held in Simsbury featuring HSO and it will be a tribute to Woodstock. You remember that time/place 40 yrs ago?

The next reservation was just received for Aunt Patty Camp. I invited (through my sister-in-law - following protocol) my three nieces that live in St. Louis to spend the night with me on their trip out here later this summer. I was just "chatting" (yes online on FB) with my oldest niece and found out that the offer I made has been accepted. The pressure is on. As she said "Taylor Foley WE'RE STAYING AT YOUR HOUSE!!I'm so excited!!! It's gunna be the best girls night ever!!!"

I better get KC prepared!

Getting Grounded.......or NOT!

Inspiration for this blog comes from many sources and when many sources say the same info, then I may write about it. Between the newspaper, several magazines, some kids in my life complaining, complaining, complaining, real life observations, reliving my HS days as we get ready for our reunion this year (yeah 35 yrs!)... geez what a great topic.

If you search on "getting grounded" you may be pleasantly surprised that you will not come up with the all-time child / parent struggle. There are links to spirituality, gardening, recipies, airports, architecture, and you can even get to Elvis!

So back to the the child - rather the teenager - parent struggle. It can be a struggle for both or NOT. Where does it stem from? It's the growing process for the teen from being a toddler to becoming an adult. This middle ground is the teenage years. For the parents, it's learning this little bundle of joy you brought home is now growing up. I don't really remember being grounded, or maybe I blocked out those memories? My parents and brothers may say different. I do remember having to "go think about it" many, many times. Not to bottom line it, (but I'm a bottom line kinda girl) it is about respect and communication. NOT being grounded is about repect for yourself and for others.

The onerous list of rules and chores; clean your room; you are not wearing that; no you can't go over Sally's house when her folks are not home; get good grades; if you want that - then do extra chores, sell the lemonaide, cut the neighbors lawn, babysit - in other words - Earn it. What are these rules and chores? They are the tools a teen needs to go on to adulthood. Each of them above can be changed into an adult setting. NOT one of them alone will make you the successful adult, yet all the tools in "your box" will give you what you need to become the successful adult.

I read this article where 16 teenages (or once teenagers) wrote about Getting Grounded OR NOT. It is true - Respect for yourself and for others, and communication between you and yourself, and others is truly how NOT to get grounded. When you stop wasting time being grounded.... then you can welcome in lots of opportunities life is waiting to give to you. I don't have all the answers - I was well groomed as a teen, given and took the tools my folks had to offer (begrudingly at times) and made my way on my life's journey - successful and happy.

It is your choice! So choose wisely, the rewards are unlimited!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Camp is open

So far I have two campers coming to enjoy some great events. Gillette's castle, the oldest ferry ride, dinosaures, the animails at the UConn barns, Sturbridge Village. Let's not forget going to the Library and of course the skate park and lunch at Steve's.

Of course there can be quite a few other adventures that we can get to. I'm looking forward to have the two youngest ones coming first. They are the brave ones. Now the two older ones.... there are so many great adventures, like baseball, take a jewelry class, visit the new science museum.... it's not only my imagination - they can suggest great ideas too!

Keep tuned in for an update.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Success - Its up to you

Some days it seems that the only thing I can hear is "complain, make up excuses, complain". Gosh darn it folks, get a life, be thankful, make a decision to just love the day.

It's so much easier - I bear witness to that statement. Today is a gift.

I'm quite a fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I have one of his PBS specials that I listen to in the car when driving. (note to self - need to get another one) It's my time to meditate, think about the bigger things in life.

There is one part in the audio book that is about problems. Really they are not problems until YOU make them your problem. Ask the guy next to you about the problem, and he/she won't know anything about it. You will fixate on the issues, and go from non-issue to a pimple, to a cyst to a mountain. This is not to take away from anyone struggling with health challenges, with employment or lack there of, it is truly asking you to sit back and look past the "problem" and see that it is up to you to make a decision on how you deal with those issues.

So tomorrow, when you hear a "problem" come up, take a moment and send it away, take the positive fork in the road - you may be very surprised at what you find. Keep it up for a little while, and you may really not have any problems. Transform Life- is a video/audio by Dr. Dyer - listen here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

this guy is funny - even for an accountant

lets be glad I don't sing! This is what happens after a long tax season. Hmmm Hey Mom do you still have my accordian?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Dig

Today I had lunch with a long time friend of mine, Bob. We go back quite a long time, he's a brilliant CS guy with an amazing wife, (hi Pat) and great daughters. Bob is one of my first clients where we have done the entire assignment paper free several years ago. It's great to continue to use the technology when both of us knew the main frame as the "answer" back some decades ago.

Like many brilliant folk, you love what you do and do what you love. Yet you have many, many interesting hobbies and interests. One of Bob's is to go on archaeological digs right here in CT. He's found lots of indian heads or flint heads, shards of pottery and even a large pot from about 1800. There are some real scientific methods to doing the dig. After a brief discussion, I may be able to volunteer on a new dig that is going on not too far from here. I just love a new adventure!

Watch here in the futre for some update,

by the way Bob------ Happy Birthday again!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!

So where does the time fly.... You were about a year old and I still had my braces on!

I was so happy we had a few minutes earlier today to speak about your life, HOBY for the second time and to be able to wish you a happy birthday. So here's a PMA for your BDAY! If everyone could have a little PMA, we would have a better place. Then I know that where ever you go, you'll be spreading the "word" and bringing along the PMA, and we will all be enriched that you have come our way.

It's amazing to remember the phone call that I received from your Dad that said you arrived. A First! So from one First to another First, full speed ahead. So here you are today... turning 17, your Dad must be losing whatever hair he has left LOL JK. I'll say that I'm very proud of you, and know that what you have accomplished in all endeavours to date, a great young lady, good athlete, super student, and just an all around nice person is echoed by all that know you.
This upcoming year will be so remarkable - take time to enjoy it all, take moments to laugh and sing, to pray, to have fun and work, and just love each day.

Wishing you a happy birthday, and a great new year!
Love ya and PMA,
Aunt Patty

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unpack the Boxes...

My move - Your move or not move. Yesterday I wrote about my upcoming anniversary on my move and how I was just about moved in - and the promise I made. Scroll down to see the entry.
So for all of you who are in a similar situation, still have boxes or a 'icky closet' - this is how to get past it.

Get a date - put it on the household public calendar, your work calendar, the bathroom mirror, someplace where you can see the date. This is your promise to yourself. If you need to involve some of your household folks, sit down today and explain what you want to accomplish and how they can assist you. Don't bring up the past, bring up the future!

Take stock of the task at hand, say the 10 boxes in the basement, my papers, or the garage - what ever it is. Write it down and now break it down into smaller tasks - generally tasks that can be accomplished in one to three hours. Why one to three hours? Simple - you can complete one of them after work or on a weekend without giving up too much. Put them on the calendar and watch that you may need to adjust your original date!

Provide yourself with a reward - whatever that is to you, at different steps along the way.

Now - Focus on the success of this accomplishment - what will it mean to you, how do you envision the end result? What will you gain?

If you need additional help - hire an organizer, or get a self-help book or inlist a friend to help you . I hired an organizer for 2 one hour sessions - the greatest $$'s spent. I learned lots of techniques that I continue to use today.

Some tips I've picked up:
Reorganize a closet - take everything out of the closet - no if, ands or buts. Now look at what is there? Can any of it be placed somewhere else and lol should have been placed there? Do it now. By the way, don't organize the other space now, that's for later. Old stuff - either toss it out or put it in the give awaybox, tag sale box or sell it on-line box. Do it now. Need an extra shelf? Make one out of corrogated cardboard and place it where you think you'd like it to be. It's a temporary solution, though it is exactly what you need to do in order to complete the task at hand. Add the shelf improvement to the "improvement list".

Clothes Closet - same as above - take everything out. There is lots of personal preferences here, so these suggestions may work or not. Find the best way for how you live. I organize the shirts and blouses by the color and all are hung up - long sleeve on the top pole and short sleeve on the bottom. Since my closet is large enough - then I can keep most of all the seasons wears hung in this closet. I used to have to change closets twice a year as the seasons changed. Slacks and dresses, etc are on the other wall. There are a few shelves (need more) where I fold up and store my pj's, tee shirts, etc and have a line up of some fabric boxes that contain the "painting clothes", yoga clothes, etc. As for shoes - no shoes are kept in my clothes closet. All shoes are by the front door in a shoe caddy in the closet. Anything you do to your closet, should be to make your life, your time, your effort feeling just great.

Potions Closet - yes, it's a group of lots of stuff - personal items, first aid, cleaning supplies, TP and boxes of tissues, electrical beauty devices, etc. If you think my advice is any different - clean it all out. Only put back what you are currently using. Great advice from the Organizer, get yourself one of the clear plastic back of the door shoe caddy. Fill it with those "bits 'n pieces" that get lost in the drawers or backs of closets. I've the extra toothpaste, nail files, razors, and assorted items. Now I have only one place to look for them! What I have found, I finally get to use them and not 'waste' them. As for the tubes, bottles and assorted items not being used - that's up to you. I've given them away, tossed them out, or made a pac with me that I must use them up first before getting anything new.

Pass along your ideas - I know I could learn from each and every one of you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Anniversary Time

Time has flown by. A little more than a year ago, I was in the throws of buying a new home, beginning a blog, and making great changes in my life. It';s truly been a great ride.

For the 1900 or so folks that have stopped by here, thank you! To the Great moving company, thanks again guys for both moves. To Family and Friends, thanks for being there! To Agent Lee, such great support on all those details and the final "push".

With any endeavour such as this, there is the anniversary! So on the 13th - the close; and the 18th the office move. I've made certain promises to myself to have it "all in its place" no later than 1 year of the move in. I don't have any boxes from the move (except for the flatten & stored ones).

It looks like I'll be keeping the promise! All closets (except the last two) have been emptied out and re-organized. The last two are scheduled, yes, on my calendar, to be completed by the deadline. Most of this work has added to my "would like to do in the decorating department" once I get past my anniversary.

Lately, as I have been accomplishing a new way of living, looking forward, of course have shared this with friends, colleagues, and family. What I have found is that all of them still have boxes, from the "last move" or the "lack of a move". I was speaking about this very subject to a good friend. She moved some 18 months ago and hasn't yet settled in. Check back tomorrow to see some helpful tips if you are in the same boat.

Anyway - I'm going to continue to work in the office to complete those tasks I need done for the Grand 18th!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She's Going to Stay

A month ago this past Tuesday, I adopted a sweet, but really scared, nine-year old cat. As with many of those in the shelter, she was found in an abandoned building during the dead of winter.

After my former cat passed away, I promised myself I'd get another companion once I didn't have to share the bath with the litter box. So now with the move, it was time. So during the spring I took a few visits up at the Connecticut Humane Society.
When I was ready, I spoke with a counselor to determine "who I am" and "who would be appropriate for me". There were plenty of questions, where I lived, would I declaw, did I own or rent, would I let the cat outside, do I know the cost of keeping a pet. So when that was completed, I just said give me your worse case, and "yes" an older cat would be just fine.
The first introduction was to Herman, yet he wasn't too interested. They then brought in Adios. She was a bit scared to say the least, yet got up enough nerve to allow me to pet her at arms length. The second visit was a bit better as she got in my lap. Still shedding to create another cat, she seemed to take a bit of a liking to me. The third and fourth visit were even better. I was doing some traveling so I didn't wish to take her home and I would have to leave. On Cinco de Mayo I brought her home.

Fast forward.... she doesn't hide in the hiddie box any longer, purrs and snores, loves to be brushed and will brush herself if you hold the brush, loves to have her belly petted and wishes to be close enough to touch you when sleeping, is doing the happy paws and will voice her opinion as she seems fit. Lastly, she has to groom me. I think she has "adopted" me!
I had to rename her, as the name from the shelter only made her ignore me. So it's KC. Has a ring to it and at least I'm getting an ear twichting when I use it. She's not that social yet, though I hope that some more time in a 'safe' place will let her come around. One queer thing - she won't walk in the vinyl floor in the kitchen. Hardwood, carpeting, and cement are fine - don't know what's up with that.
It's nice to have another living being in the household once again.