Thursday, October 30, 2008

IRS - ding bats again, heck expensive ding bats

Leak - wrong refunds? Geez Louise - the IRS's accounting system stinks! $1 billion (that's a B folks). The tax guys were never auditors or accountants LOL!!! What could have been paid for had they get their act together. read more about it ..... click here

Are you A Citizen of the U.S.?

There are only a few requirements to be the president of the United States - #1 you must be a natural born citizen; #2 you must be at least 35 years of age; #3 you must have live here for 14 years.

Is Mr. Obama a natural born citizen of our great country? check out this --- a law suit to boot Thanks Pete for the posting..... Is it a plot? Dunno.... Is it a ploy? Dunno.... Is it a set up for another hanging-chad Florida?

You gotta love the law-------- ! REMEMBER TO GO OUT AND VOTE!

Papers are signed!

This a.m. I went off to the attorney's office to sign the general papers to sell & release my condo to it's new owner! On Monday, G_D willing, the check will be in the bank, phew. So much to do, tonight , going to get the last of the "stuff" and will only have furniture to do on Sat a.m.!

What a push, ......... if you are reading out there.................. MAKE TIME AND VOTE ON TUESDAY.......

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One week today

It's getting exciting and stressful - all in one as the day draws near to be in St. Louis. I'm clearing the decks, of course, getting more fit in so those I leave here to work can continue to work and get it done while I'm away!

My sis-in-law - bless her! - gave me the general run down for the kids. Transportation leave/arrive times for school, special events soccer and a concert and half days, camera - still and movie, House/Family rules to follow, and some general stuff like groceries etc. My brother says I should be able to hook up my laptop to their network, that will be a relief once I know I can log back to the office. He's going to get me addresses for some of the common stuff out there, like the post office, grocery, banks, library, etc places, okay a couple of other stores could be good.

The real estate closing on Woodsedge is on for Monday, movers arrive Sat a.m., garage shelving to go up Sat p.m. (the car may get in the garage yet), close up the old condo!, ship boxes to St. Louis with stuff (looks like that will be Monday?); have schedule arranged for my assistant; fixing the schedule for my neighbor for mail deliveries and UPS and FedX, etc, 0h yeah the Election and sign up folks for library cards at the polls.

okay ------- sounds like a plan?? BTW - I found two pairs of shoes, phew! I could use a "big late nighter" !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Campaign - 39 days in

It's been great in returns - over 500 members have renewed or joined the Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library. So far we have collected $14,400 or about 70% of the budget and about 53% of my personal goal I've set for myself.

Today I completed an additional appeal letter for those that haven't returned their memberships. If I do say so myself, I'm getting a bit better at writting these letters. I moved to a second page for the first time on the one mailed in September. Having that extra space about 1/3 of a page more allows for a bit more information.

One point of interest - 2008 results are in and my library is 2nd in the State of Connecticut according to the Hennen's American Public Library Rating for a library in our town size. Big Kudos to Marian Amodeo and the Staff at the Library - They are the BEST IN MY BOOK!

The library that is #1 is the Westport library - and our former library director, Maxine is their current library director. That was the director that got me involved in the Friends in the first place! To compare towns, population Us= 29,000 Them=26,000; Per Capita Income Us=$30,545 Them=$75,194 (2002 census) Since I don't have the methodology of the numbers going into Hennen's rating (soon to get my hands on them) then I can not make a real comparison. I'd like to see the top five in our town size - more on this later.

13 days to go - GO WEST ....... yippie i o

... tic toc tic toc..... it's amazing as the time flies by. The list is long of to-do's hasn't felt like it is getting any shorter. I have an appointment with my sis-in-law to go over the schedule for my time there. I won't be arriving until supper time, and they leave 1st thing the next a.m. Not much time to get my feet wet LOL.

So I need to close of my old place; do three major mailings; garage shelving system installed; two moves - one amatuer and one professional; visit friend in hospital who was hit by a bus - not good; sign up citizens for library cards; prep my assistant with work; get the health/beauty day in; finish the work for a quarter; attend a seminar; pack and ship some of my stuff; LOL - sounds like a normal October to me!

ps oh yeah, i need a new pair of shoes!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate again......

Ok - what do you think?

Tax credit / tax increase / tax decrease = I'm getting a headache - Tax Policy - they are debating who can sell a "tax cut" better than the other.

The Govt get's less $$'s because of the tax cut - so who's going to pay to keep the lights on?

Who the heck is Joe the Plumber - I need a good plumber! of course they are talking about the business tax --- lol ------ that is such a small silver of the tax revenue pie. Most businesses are not corporations and therefore do not pay any taxes (the income of the company is taxed at the individual level).

So ----cut the individual income tax ------ who's going to pay to keep the heat on?

Now the meat of the matter - if you cut the revenue - then you need to cut the spending. LOL the "O" is going to go line-by-line through the federal budget...... LOL ---- he couldn't be office long enough to do it! McCain on the other hand - he freezes spending; and wishes to invest in energy.

Now one thing - you cut govt spending - I couldn't even begin to tell you of the ripple to our economy that would affect the country when all the government suppliers can not sell to the government.!! Oh yeah, the government buys lots and lots of stuff and really is an economy in and of itself.

"O" doesn't tell the real truth about a deficit - the only reason we have debt in this country is because the US govt spends more than it takes in. It is not due to investment - just the "fat" spending.

ZZZZzzzzzzzzz....... to much you said, I said, he said or didn't say...... who's going to pay for the cable?

Back to a good question - reduce energy dependence? Hmmmmm Listen up to McCain. Neither of them can answer the question for the "first term" Hey guys ----- that's the first four years..... Invest in alternative energy - ahhh creat jobs? too long of an outlook - not enough of a quick fix.

Health Care - oh my goodness - this is such a sticky problem and as far as I am concerned - govt mandated health care - sounds like Canada, Denmark, etc....... They don't get it? Health care is a personal choice and a personal responsibility! It's not Gov't job to make sure you have a $10 co-pay instead of a $25 co-pay! We already have a wealthfare system - medicare medicaid for the uninsured. It's not the best - but really, I can't see "O" hanging out under the thruway getting folks into a job that the employer is required by the govt to supply health care.

Education - now this one - hmmm so much spent yet we have low scores on a global basis? Shame on us. Yeah - Math and Science! The "O" says give a tuition credit - lol we all ready have one! (he probably doesn't do his own taxes and his kids are too young!) McCain was strong here. Hey parents - Get home and take care of your children - assist them, inspire them to achieve, show them the light to 'good smarts' as A key to moving forward and being successful in their future life.

I'm glancing over balancing the budget - mostly because neither of them really get it - we need to generate more revenue for the govt to support it's spending. It's what I tell my small business clients - you can cut your expenses to meet your sales - gee when sales are shrinking then so is your business - go out and make it happen - get your attitude up, keep it in a winning way!

Over all----- McCain seemed more on top - Then you gotta love us Independent Voters - we will make this election. Tic toc.... three weeks today - we have a new president - three weeks today I'll be with my St. Louis gang!............... What do you think????

Sunday, October 12, 2008

23 days to St Louis

Yes it is.... so far I'm still going to St Louis to babysit my brother's kids. While the flight isn't direct - through Raleigh 1st for a several hour layover, it's at 11:30 am and not at 7am!

It's funny as my brother thinks it will be a vacation for me. I find it funny to 'hear' how other people perceive my activities. More on this in a later blog. While it will be a change of venue, it won't be a 'real' vacation. The original trip was slated for September - during the nice weather, sun still up, etc and a friend of mine was going to be available so that she and I could take a couple of days together. Now, it's a shorter trip, Leslie has a job(yahoo for her) and isn't as available - we will have to see if I can slip in a day to spend with her!

So far I've heard that during the week, Thurs to Thurs - the kids will be having a couple of half days! LOL for my work day. Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing treat to be able to have some group and one-on-one time with my nieces and nephew. Over the last several years, I'm lucky to be able to share up to 20 hours with them in a year. I'm sure my sister-in-law will have every minute scheduled during my stay with all their activities. It will be a whirlwind of a time!

In order to get "order" to this upcoming week, I'll need to make sure I can have an internet connection for my laptop; see if the library out there has some books that I can have 'pre-borrowed' for me. At least I can order my downloadable audio books. I looked at the St Louis Library site, very lean on the dounloadable audio books. Then there is the St Louis County Library system - a few more books, still lean compared to the number of titles we offer. Need to ask my sister-in-law if they have a card I can "use" while they are away. I need to find a yoga class / studio! That would be helpful as I would be missing two of my classes here - not a good thing.

I've alot of computer work to accomplish; wish to work on some lace or crochet projects; then there is Friends Membership stuff to coordinate; last minute Tellabration items to do; Christmas cards need to be worked on; preparing my master list of work; then all the forms and papers that need to be assembled (either paper or electronic form). I'm just laughing as I have a pile of work that needs to get out of here before I leave and make sure I have Paulette all set for the days I'll be out there. She and I can work remotely so lots of the year end projects can go on without a hitch.

It will be interesting to say the least! Onward - go West!!

Shelby Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Dear Shelby!

So you are now 13 years old - A first official teen year. I remember the day your Dad called from the hospital to let me know that you arrived - and that you were a girl (I told him !) and that you would be named Shelby.

I said - why did you name her after a British sports car? Later it was said that your Mom like the name from a movie she saw. I've seen the movie and it is great. You are as beautiful - I think more so - than the actress called by the same name.

You are such a gem - we all enjoyed your tales of Shelbyville and I especially loved your time with your fairy princess dress that Christmas - You would wear it all the time.

Fast forward and wow you are a tremendous young lady - talented and so funny!

I wish you a Happy Birthday -------- and see you in less than a month!

Aunt Potty

Friday, October 10, 2008

Help has arrived

With the move organized - two guys and the truck, assistance in order pre-move and day of move, now my focus comes back to my new home. Bob, the carpenter guy, just left with a list of misc stuff, like the "honey do" list I've heard about. In my life, it's the "me do" list. I've got a stack of little pesky items, threshhold here, fix wallboard there, custom fit a shelf here, open the back of a cabinet and put on a door, the garage shelving system were among the more top of the list items. One bonus in talking about my place, is to install more insulation in the attic. There's about 6inches of the pink stuff up there - so adding another layer up there would be helpful in cutting down in loss of heat/air conditioning. It's a bit bigger project than expected, yet I'll save on the utilities over time - yet it's not very sexy!

So I have my shopping list, a few items to get back to him on. Whoo hooo a few more items of progress. I'm looking forward to having my furniture and art work brought over. Now the task of decorating is in order. Ugh!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Missed It

oh well, they say it is a deep subject. I missed the 1st showing of the presidental debate. Tuned in to see the second showing. ok It was riviting, interesting, generally polite - didn't say much to me either way.

The next morning - comments were that the "boys" played too nice. No real name calling, or jabs. What do the pundits and media think.... is this Monday night wrestling? Anyway - saw part of the Larry King interview of Mrs. Obama. She seems like a bright and intelligent lady. Again, it didn't hold my attention.

Current events say more to what is going on. Who's writing the check to pay for all of this? Govt - guess again. It's you and me. The stock market behaves like a yoyo, gives the media lots of great graphics to show. Yet no one ------ I really mean ----- no one, is accepting responsibility for this mess. Throwing more $$'s on it (especially with an open checkbook) will not, I'll repeat, will not fix it! Put $$'s in the pot, unattended and you invite the crooks and not-so-nice-people to come by and begin the greed cycle. Oh well..... it is a deep subject.

PS who is going to pay for the beer?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Posting on Blogs

Whether I write my blog or write in to other blogs, it is amazing what you can write if you think about it.

Visit the cable guy blog and you can take a poll as to who you are voting for. Why not - it's kinda like being in New Hampshire way back at the beginning of all of it. My brother is a hoot - take a look.

So are you out there reading mine? Why not leave a few words ??

Thank you St. Joseph

Yes it will be moving day once again! My assistant, Paulette reminds me that we did the greatest part of the move on the 1st half. That's probably true. Yet with all that is on my plate, all that needs to be done, and get ready to go away soon!

I'm beginning to plan where the furniture needs to be placed. Once we are closer (after the20th) I can really begin to break down the good ole Woodsedge.

Now think of it - put on the market 8/8/08 - and contract signed 10/02/08 - less than two months. Not bad for a tight market. Thanks St. Joseph.

Oh yes - if you didn't follow - I buried the patron saint of real estate in my back yard and prayed he would bring me a buyer......... that was on a Saturday night and then the Tuesday after that, I recieved the offer! Heck - I should be selling these St. Joseph statues to the Govt - it may help the mortgage and real estate market - maybe even solve some of the bail out? Ok a bit of a tangent there. Back to reality.....

I'm going to be glad to have a couch once again and some of my 'art' work; and not to have to worry about the unit any longer.

Thanks St. Joseph!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Going once, going twice, sold to some lady

Yesterday I received an offer - very low ball - actually what I would expect as it's a buyers mart. Though it was offensive to me. So I simply put it, NO, no deal. My agent brought back my thoughts to their agent, and low and behold, they came back with a better offer. I still said NO. The last thing I was going to do was be backed into a corner by a buyer making an offer and then going to leave the country for two weeks. Interesting strategy - but it didn't work with me.

So I sent Agent Lee back to them with my NO - persistence is one thing I do have. A few hours later, they came within $1K - so we made the deal provided that they put the cash on the table and get the inspections done in the next 18 days! We will then close on election day.

Oh my goodness - now I need to do the second half of my move! I'll finally get the balance of my furniture in my new place. ....... tic toc..... tic toc...... 18 days to go

Christmas, in Sept?

Have you been out shopping, just normal kind, trip through your favorite big box hardware store, favorite craft store, even the grocery? Well I did over the weekend, need a bolt etc and found ornaments and artifical trees; found more ornaments; and then candy! oh give me break, we haven't celebrated Columbus day yet! The leaves haven't changed, aren't we pushing the holiday season a bit early?

With a new home, I will have the opportunity to turn out some of my decorations. yet remember I'm still without my furniture in this, my new home. I'll get to make up some, and my good friend, Jules, is so excited to be able to help decorate. I'm kind of looking forward to having her help, her excitement to decorate is contagious.

Any way - it is to dang early to consider the decorations for the December holidays!