Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Picnic

The Caselli Picnic - 2008

Another year has come and the Caselli Clan came together to celebrate family. I'm not sure when we started the summer picnic but it was after we began the Cousins get-to-gether in January.

As far as I remember, it was held at the Paradise Swim Club and now, for the last three years, at the Churchill Park.
If all of us showed up we would be 17 from the Foley's, 12 from the Caselli's, and 17 from the Morico's (including Jodi! welcome) for a grand total of 45 or so! What a picnic.

Now getting together is to catch up and do the cross news around the family. And then the food, we have a generally repeat list of what to bring and everyone chips in for the rental and pool fees. First breakfast - coffee's and fried dough with your choice of sugar or sauce with cheese. We went through 13 lbs of dough! Thank you Uncle Bob & Aunt Marl. The we take a little break, pool opens, the bocce balls come out along with other sports equipment and of course decks of cards or board games. It's quite the time, lots of laughs. Then of course it comes time to eat lunch. So we start the grill -charcoal please. Cook the dogs and burgers, lots of salads-macroni, lettuce, potatoe, baked beans, fruit salad and let us not forget making macroni with the anchovie sauce. Yes, in the middle of summer we are boiling water and cooking spagets! Thank to my mom for keeping the tradition.

Over the year's the kids have brought friends to assist in the entertianment of the day. The last several year's I've brought a guest. Last year's guest, didn't stay too long in my life after the event as he was surprised I belonged to a big family. The family is generally harmless. My cousin Sherri may rename my S.O. to a name more her liking - do you remember "tom"? Then of course there is the interrogation that can happen. We are just looking to have another party!
This year I brought Stanley! Stanley had moved in to my new condo and everyone was buzzing as to who he is. Even my brother Tim was barely home from his vacation in Scotland and was asking who Stanley is. That's one thing in this family - news travels faster than a wild fire. Sherri even said she asked my sister-in-law Denise to ask Shelby what Shelby's conversation with Aunt Patty - did Shelby dig up anything? Shelby said (according to Denise via Sherri) that Aunt Patty kept saying 'we' did this and that - and said it would not be polite to ask who the 'we' was. So here's the picture of Stanley....

What a guy!!! LOL to those of you who didn't know and it was pretty good that I was able to string you along.
You'll never know .... there could be a Stanley in the future.
What was not limited on this great day was the amount of rain we saw in the late afternoon. It allowed us to watch a video of the 60's of Aunt Marl & Uncle Bob's various movies. It was great to see all of us from back there. We were all so cute and young back then.
Now this camera has an interesting feature so I'm going to try it here. I did a video clip - so turn up your sound and say hi to everyone. See you all Next Year -------Remember we have a wedding to attend next July!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Unit awaits the Stager

Wow.. with thanks to Tom, we moved out the balance of the stuff from whenever. I fixed little items, removed parts of the old security system, threw out more little bits and pieces. I probably have one more vacuum, a floor wash, a touch up or so. Christine, the stager, is coming back next week to do a once over and final touches.

of course what I bring back from the old condo to the new condo needs to be then put away. I continue to make and remake spaces to store items to make them accessible and effective and efficient to use.

Now do I try to sell it myself or do I sell it myself? What ever leads I did have , have not panned out. So hiring my realator is one way. I guess I a little too tired today to think about this. a good night sleep would we nice right now.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Ok - have I've heard it again and again. 'Just plug in the camera into the laptop and the computer will know what to do',,,,,,,,, so I find the cable, software disks (jic), instruction book and assorted stuff. I plug in the cable to the camera and to the laptop ....... voila... it found the hardward, started my adobe photoshop software and pulled up the pictures off the camera. This was way too easy!!!

so here is a few of my place at Woodsedge.
To the left, is my lovely dining room. I served quite a few nice meals here for friends and family.

Once dinner is served and enjoyed, then we can retire to the living room
Behind the screens at the end of the room is the TV and stero equipment. The baskets contain current crochet projects and the yarn on the table is a prayer shawl I have since finished for a girlfriend of mine who is undergoing chemo now.
Now I will get more batteries and start taking some pictures of my new and former residence.
Stay tuned for more pictures!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It looks great

Wow - what a lovely place - so nice - maybe I shouldn't have moved?

I painted again today - the ceiling again and finished the wall. I was a lucky duck in that I had Julie help me. We started at 9am and with a short break for lunch, we returned back to the Crown veing very successful. She began to clean, I painted, and then we both cleaned. It didn't take too long - and voila. The office is now back to a bedroom, new shades, curtains up, woodwork washed and furniture placed. The two aero beds I borrowed - made both bedrooms look great!

Then So off to the store again to get some curtain rods, curtain for the silder, assorted stuff. A little more fussing - need to meet with the stager again. Then maybe I can get it sold.

When I left today - I felt a bit overwhelmed. A sense of sadness, that place was where so many chapters of my life ocurred. I'll feel a bit better here when I can take the balance of my stuff back to my new place. It's a change, change is very good. In time I'll write a little travel log through those chapters.

Sweet dreams

Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Anniversary

Today - the first month in my new condo and two months,four days since this adventure began. My announcement cards have gone out for the most part. I am still getting mail with the old address on them - those pesky yellow stickers from the USP service to remind you to get the work done.

So what is great - laundry upstairs. It's great, while I retire to my suite, I can put in a wash and dry and have it done before finally turning in.

My get-away-suite. While it feels like a bit of a hotel, I like having the sparseness of it for now. I'll get focused on this space later this year.

One thing is that I've been able to pull out my crochet projects. Since I've moved in, I finished one scarf, have found the last prayer shawl that I was working on and now I can get that one done and to a needy patient. This should be my third one for this year. I unfortunately had the opportunity to make one for a dear friend of my just a couple of months ago. She is still undergoing her chemo therapies for about another month. It seems that the treatments are working and she's loving her shawl. Makes me feel all warm inside.

The garage - nice not to have my place all cluttered up and I can actually find and get to my tools and such. While the car hasn't spent a night in it yet, I belive after this weekend when the old condo get's finished painting and cleaned, I can then work or getting it neat and organized! I've seen some of the organization tools for the garage - rack system, peg board, shelving, etc. and of course some more paint! My neighbor Pam just did the floor of the garage - it is just great. Lots of great ideas to think about.

Office - this weekend will make it great and I'm looking forward to having it in better order. Lots to do work wise, and not much more in the organization area - looking good.

So overall, pretty good. This next month..... lots to do,

sweet dreams all.,...............

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day with Savannah

I was so blessed to have Ms Savannah stay with me for the day. We enjoyed each other and lots of laughs.

It was a day with some chores, she assisted in 'organizing' some of my yarns because they were messy, had breakfast, I did a bit of work and then we went off for errands. She was great, we made a list of things to do, (a bit of security control ) and began. We had lunch at Steve's, her a grilled cheese and me one of Steve's great half grinders. Next highlight was a trip to our Library. We played computer games and picked out books it was great.

We then continued some errands and finally went to pick out plants for the garden we worked on the day before. Planted red petunas for the main garden and Savannah picked out a perernial to plant in my garden so I would have a plant to remind me of her all the time. She then went next door because she wanted to break the surprise for Ms Julie and show her the garden. Ms. Julie had put in some cerimanic garden animals the night before and that tickled Savannah. She really seem to get caught up in the 'doing a nice thing for someone'.

After a dinner and a walk, we had a real treat! Watermellon on the front stoop with Ms. Julie. What a true joy to have this opportunity to spend with my niece. While it ended earlier, events I could not change, her Dad came to get her to take her back home.

I'm looking forward to having her visit again.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Overnight Guest

Today was a great day, lots to do with improvements and the arrival of my first overnight guest.

Ms Savannah arrived late this afternoon with brother Seamus in tow and of course Daddy ( my brother Mike). Seamus wanted to surprise me and wanted to know when he would get his own Aunt Patty sleep over since the last one (mine you the only one) he had to share with his brother Spencer. Now try and keep a straight face with this little guy being so serious.

Our first evening seemed to go well. Savannah became my helper as I was working on the mulch for the garden. It was time for dinner - mac & cheese and salad. She ate pretty good. She assisted in the cooking, made the salad, put in the olives, one for the bowl and two for her! I didn't see many olives in the salad bowl.

Then we cleaned up and I asked her to remeber to turn on the dishwasher when we leave the house later. So back to the mulch, I had received 2 yards of the stuff in the middle of my driveway and wanted it done before night fall. It now looks great, Savannah cleared all the cob webs from the shrubs, watered the new mulch, helped sweep the driveway. She was great!

Next on the agenda was to see my old condo. (Mine you the boys got to be in my old condo - so she had to be there too). We picked up a few more items and put them in the car; maybe we will paint a bit tomorrow, but the schedule looks pretty big with errands, chores, and assorted fun activities.

She is now an offical chic of the Turnpike - we took a drive over with the hot cars to Mortensens - local hot spot for Newington's favorite ice cream. Cookie dough for her, a sherbert for me. She is so entertaining. I am amazed of the level of her thoughfulness and willing to converse and discuss "issues" that face an eight year old.

After a phone call to say good night to Daddy and another call to Mommy, she was ready to get to sleep. The routine, jammies, teeth brushed, hair brushed and she could read for a little while. I finished some business and went up to turn off the light. She is such a peach! I'm having a ball.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to my brother Mike. He finished his 51st year today. Leaving him happy bday voice mail was unsatisfying yet it had to do for today.

Shame on me for not getting a bday card ready in advance. I'm slipping on my organizing. I'll get to see him on Friday afternoon when he deposits his third child, Savannah, for her "aunt patty" sleep over.

His 51 years has been full of adventure. He was the first boy in the family (I've three younger brothers) so he was a first to do Indian Guides, Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts, Soccer at high school, summer musicals, playing guitar (?? don't know if he still continued) and do I remember the trumpet? Mike was the kid that went to the dairy with Dad and brought home the milk and a cat!

He took off to the SeeBees on a tour getting out just before the Faulkin incident. I was thankful for that. Yet the Navy offered him a trade - now a master electrician - and a chance to see some of the world. The hot spot of Gitmo, and the cold and dark of Iceland were the notable ones I remember. I still wear a gauze dress he brought back from one of the islands and the red plaid wool icelandic blanket has travel with me just about everywhere I could drive.

Back to stateside he worked in many related electrical fields, and ran his own company doing electrical contracting. Besides outfitting my home with great light switches (now I have to do it again) and timers and such, he came up at my parents request to install a security system in my condo after I was robbed for the second time.

He then married and he and his wife have four lovely children, Jordan, Spencer, Savannah, and Seamus.

This little quip barely scratches the surface of what his 51years have been. Yet.... Happy Birthday Mike.......... may you have another 51 more!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I guess this is settling in :) The announcements of my move went
out today. All 250 of them so far.

Each day I have been attempting to keep a bit of a morning routine, like watering the tomatoe plant, getting the paper, completing the upstairs routine before coming down stairs. Most of us don't realize the routines we have until we don't have them. In my last place, I could shower, answer email, pack a brief case, and get coffee simultaneously. Life on one floor does make it easier. Now with the three levels, it is a bit challenging, definitely more exercise.

A great thing that I have realized is the washer/dryer on the top floor. It is really nice to put in a small load just before bed and transfer it to the dryer before drifting off to sleep. Up until now, I've always shared these appliances with the other folks that lived in the building. We would have our prescribed times, Joe on Friday night, Tom on Sat a.m., Kim late Sat p.m. I would do mine during the week in the day time. Usually around Thursday. I somehow remember that Thursday was the day to do all the chores around the house. I remember Mom saying we need to strip the beds and re-make them.

Routine is fine as long as you aren't so rigid about it all. It has the opportunity to assist oneself in keeping a balance for the little items in life. Those can be part of a foundation, yet when they are changed, hopefully you accept the changes as welcoming in the new and retiring the old. I'm finding myself enjoying the new routine.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's the 4th of July

It's Sunday on the 4th of July Weekend. On the 4th of April, I was in the thick of tax season; on the 4th of May, not much except I was really itchy to find a new place and dedicating that I would not spend another tax season at Woodsedge; on the 4th of June I was between the offer and closing; and now it's the 4th again. Happy 4th of July - Enjoy our Independence Day - celebrate our freedoms, Happy Birthday America.

This day is at the end of the last four days that were spent with the garage door, radon, packing and assorted unpacking.

Garage Door - b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ! I have a keyless entry system; a door opener for the car and a spanking brand new door - wow. It's Bright White and steel and insulated! It now makes the interior of the garage look a bit shabby. LOL There is going to be a painting party soon - I can feel it in my bones or should I say my aching muscles.

Radon - it was originally tested at 5.2 bad! Studies say it must be below 4.0; it is now, on average, 1.9! Yippee.... While there is radon everywhere, at least it is now being taken care of in the basement.

Carpet at Woodsedge - completed! It looks pretty good and matches pretty close to the carpet I installed last summer in the room next to it.

Packing at Woodsedge - my dear friend Julie and I went to town to pack up lots of the kitchen. It is almost complete, though I need to do another run at it to bring back the balance of the kitchen stuff. Tom stepped up and moved the boxes with his car over to the new place.

Unpacking - I've done so much of this in the last few days. I have renamed my muscles from "ouch" to "you really don't like me yet!" or "I told you we are moving - get used to it". I've been logging my steps and it is really impressive that I can do 5000+ steps and not leave my place.

In the midst of unpacking it has required me to be 'bob the builder', and I built a little bookcase for the kitchen to hold the cook books; built a lamp that Lesley left for me and now the 2nd bedroom has light!; built one of those mega size stainless steel shelving units and unpacked the stuff for storage area; re-hung a shelf in the garage to put my flower pots and gardening tools on it; organized the garage - nails and a hammer are great just so that I can get the "stuff" up off the floor; reposition the shelves in the book cases so that the many books can be unpacked.

I've almost cleared out the garage - it is my hope to be able to get my car in it by night fall! Just about all the stuff is out of it and into their respective staging areas. What's left is my studio/2nd bedroom; my basement/office; my dining area/kitchen.

Well .... more later, I need to continue to get it done! I've a terrific slave driver!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Radon & Garage & Carpet.

It's almost two weeks in my new place! Time flies when you are still moving. Tomorrow is a big day. My new garage door is being installed, the radon remediation system, and the new carpet for the Woodsedge place is going in. Hopefully by the end of the day I will also have finished packing the kitchen and moving it to my new place.

I keep a list, LOL, of those items to get and bring back and forth between the two places. I'll be glad when it is finished. I have paint yet to finish on the walls in the old office and a few other misc items around the place. If all goes well, I'll have a new list of what is left to do at Woodsedge.

Once the radon system is completed, I can empty more boxes. I can't wait until I get out of boxes. There was the missing wine glasses. They were finally found! Now I'm missing a bag I use for my crochet - a almost finished shawl I make for the prayer ministry. Maybe that is also left at the old place or in one of the dang boxes. Stay tuned!