Saturday, December 20, 2008

......... a decade's events

..... one decade ago, Where were you? Can you remember what you were doing December 1998?

This time of year, I generally feel like reminising to prior memories, some to laugh at , some to cry at, and all those emotions inbetween, the two bookends of life. Taking time to reflect, to be thankful for all that was given to you, for those people that have crossed your path and stayed and for those who are now gone. Have you taken the time to say thank you to yourself? Have you taken the time to feel thankful for all that you have had?

Over the next several days..... I'll reminise, and remember right here.

Ten years ago I had just started my firm. Only a couple of months old, getting a computer, and assorted office machines; then building my desk; the cleaning out of the second bedroom for the office. Wow... lots has happened between then and now. It's hard to believe that so much time has gone by.

Ten years ago my oldest niece was only six and I only had six nieces & nephews. Clinton was President and heading for impeachment; the Dow Jones was hovering about 9,000 pts - we were in a bull market; Star Wars 1 was going to be released some time soon, there were 14 named hurricans - most memorible was Mitch who caused more than 9000 deaths in Central America ending in Florida.......... take a deep breath.....

... stop by and read along --- thank you to all that have stopped by.......... Happy Holidays...... Merry Christmas............ see you with a few more memories

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kissing balls

I hung more than 10 French Kissing Balls as part of my holiday decorations this year. A little bit of research lead me to understand that the beginnings of it all; as far back to the Druids. It continued to evolve in England to what we more commonly know it as today.

If you care considering making a kissing ball - I found this receipe that was quite interesting " It chose herbs that had meaning to the Victorians. This kissing ball expresses a desire for a happy home life in the year to come: sage for domestic virtues, long life, and good health; rosemary for loyalty and fidelity; lemon geranium for gentility; boxwood for constancy in love and stoicism in the face of whatever cannot be changed; oregano thyme for happy activities, courage, and thrift; lavender for devotion, loyalty, luck, acknowledgment, and constant personal attention ; and anise hyssop for homely virtues and cleanliness.

Merry Christmas ......... to all and to all good night

Happy Birthday Denise

..... Happy Birthday to You ......

Happy Birthday to You......... May you enjoy YOUR day ----- and not be the one cooking! Have the Gang take you out for GF pancakes!

What a linking of events..... believing that my decision to come back to Central to finish my degree would have had my brother make his college decision to also attend this fine institution! Then he meeting you - we got the best of that one! Now some two decades later..... you are still with us! Since you are the one generally behind the camera - that meant I had to look far and near to find a couple of pictures to celebrate you.

May this year be filled with lots off good wishes - We have all been blessed to have you join our family. How many moves, from CT (the tempy CT home) to PA and now in MO - pretty good, and you have always been a gracious hostess.

Keeping the kids' schedules is a monumental effort - I did get a taste of it for a few days, though you had most of the bases covered. Who goes where, when and with who.... quite the logistics director. Besides that, you have been quite instrumental in bringing up four beautiful children.

So now on to more adventures - though it will take some creativity to top the "H.O.W. 2008 Summer Tour", I'm sure you have some ideas up your sleeve.

Know you are blessed,,,,, know you are loved by many.......... and most of all....... love each day..... Happy Birthday.

Patty, alias the imported sitter!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

$24.63 vs. $48.94 --------- 14 gallons???

Wow - I had to filler-up again. I so dislike the chore of pumping my own gas. I'd love to find a station that had an attendant that would pump my gas, clean the windshield, and check the oil. To reminisce for those days.

So - there I am, lucky for me I'm in an off hour to buy gas at the local station on the Pike. It's the best price around unless you are near MA- less tax there! So I'm holding the gas nozzel and it begins to flow into the tank. I'm looking around, sometimes I count to pass the time as the $$'s and gallons increase. To my surpise, the tank shuts off and I look at the $$'s and it is only $24.63 - for a moment I'm confused. What is wrong, did I hold the nozzel in an off angle so it shuts off? Did the station run out of gas? Nope to both of them. Now, mind you it was $48.94 this past summer for the same tank of gas.

My accountant brain begins to compute..... based on gross profit, geez, where are they/we buying this oil from? Is it on sale? Who's funding the difference between the two prices? I don't know but I'm seeing really funny accounting going on!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tis the Season - the first tree

Christmas is an amazing time of year, though I feel so many get lost in the time coming up on the holiday. The shopping list, the shopping, wrapping presents, decorating, meal preparation, baking and cooking. It seems like a never ending list of tasks, chores, and assorted things to do.

This will be my first Christmas in my new home. I decorated ad completed my white tree. It's not traditional in any sense of the word. It's a pre-lite tree with white lights and generally just branches. It allows for the display of my crystal ornament collection. Two of the collections have to do with the 12 Days of Christmas, and assorted other ornaments - just one theme - all clear crystal. The garland is one that I made, with irredescent beads crocheted. I added some white, gold, and silver doves, and the same with some pearls. I have also added some Victorian icicles - all made a tin and help catch the light. Lest not forget some hand dipped candles I made at the Yankee Candle shop on one of my retreats to NH

So I deciced to get this tree completed early. Now I can enjoy the tree - it looks so wonderful in my new home.

Of course now this tree is complete - on to my grand stairway. At least my entrance way will be decorated. White poinsettia line the railing with french kissing balls(more on this later).

The wreaths are still awaiting my next trip to the craft store for additional hooks to hang them up and possibly more garland.

Dining has be updated with a few little trinkets and there is an elegant look.
LOL it is so nice to have my table and chairs at my place !! It really looks nice with the lights off!
If you are out there, leave a note, Tis the season - wishing you and yours some time to enjoy the upcoming holiday....... just a day at a time!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Yelof Spa 3rd day

Today was no different, though I awoke before Seamus. We had our breakfast and the special orange juice. Then I had to get the tree out, my white tree. So before most folks were moving, we were decorating my tree. It's a special tree. Some may call it a psuedo Charlie Brown tree, but it is the only tree that can handle my collection of ornaments.

Seamus was on a mission, he kept on putting up the ornaments faster than I can unwrap them! Then we made wreaths - five of them. They actuall came out pretty dang good. The day before he and I went to the craft store to the those 'picks' to make the wreaths.
He was such a helper in the store and I got my errands done pretty quickly with him in tow.
And that book you see him holding - well that's one of the books we took out of the Library. He was so excited and while it is above his level, he read the words he knew and I read the other words. Before long and just before I dropped him off at his home, he was reading the first page - was he proud of himself? You bet! Let's say - we had a great time.
Reservations are made for the winter when he said he could come over and stay three nights and then this summer he's coming for a week :) Make you reservations now, the calendar is filling up!

Spa YELOF! night 1, day 1 and 2

Over Thanksgiving weekend I had a new guest to the "Aunt Patty" spa. My nephew Seamus came to stay with me, as he said it "for two nights and three days"! He was so excited, me too. This would be his first stay alone , not having to share the "AP" with siblings. He's a great little guy, talks a non-stop streak, asks a million questions, has an opinion on everything, and mind you he does it all at six years old. Mind me, he'll be seven in about seven weeks!

I got him settled in, and by morning, (I awoke a bit late) and he was sitting in bed, dressed, and wanting to know if we would be leaving for the Lucy Robbins Welles Library yet? It was about 8am! We had special orange juice, got ready to do the errands for the day, and before you know it, it was time to have lunch. We had a repeat visit to Steve's for lunch. He's was counting on a hamburger once again. Then off to the Library and we got to see "Kung-Fu Panda" showing. Great little movie if you haven't seen it yet.

The time was drawing near, we played leggos, trains, and got books before leaving to get dressed for Santa's arrival and the turning on the lights. This was the 45th year of the Festival of Lights in Hartford. After a bunch of people say their bit about the event, the choir sing, and then there was an interpretive dance number. One special nephew was getting impatient, lol, I was also getting a bit bored. Where is Santa? Without further a do, and with a bit of fan fare, Santa rose up with smoke and fireworks out of a box on stage. Long are gone the days of him flying in in a helicopter and coming down the side of a building on a window washer dressed like a sleigh. Of course Santa's is a techie and has the remote control - and voila.................. the button is pushed and we have ................lights!!! It is truly amazing to watch the city come alive, in the midst of thousands of people, singing carols, and all of us believing in the season. It is truly a moving moment - yes there is still the magic of Christmas.

The rest of the night was quiet, we read, made spagets and meatballs, and watch part of a movie before we headed off to bed.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica

Hi Jessica,
Today - I wish you a Happy Birthday - the best birthday yet. My recent visit only confirms how absolutely wonderfully you are growing up to be an outstanding young woman.

Your parents called you their little Buddha, you liked to watch the symphony at three years old, actually being three also gave you your first opportunity to drive the family mini van even if it was only in the garage! Then you drove at a later date, it was a tough day - glad you don't want a red car and prefer a truck! Your muscial talent is great, your voice, so lovely! Good Luck in the upcoming concert!

You were my inspiration to begin my crocheting once again - just in time for your 1st Christmas I was able to make for you my first baby blanket. Since then an original scarf, a poncho and I am now completing your blanket of your choice.

On our visit, you help remind me of the challenges you are faced with at school. While it is decades later, there are differences, like the songs on the top of the charts, politics, fashion trends. Though I may not have the answers for all of them today.... I will tell you to follow your heart and head - you have excellent ones. Remember we learn from all those who cross our paths, and I'll always be in your corner and available to you whenever you want.

So my dearest niece, my special godchild, Congratulations on your birthday 2008! May this coming year bring you lots of successes, fun, happiness, and that you continue to dream.
Love you............ Aunt Patty

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Return - a Mitzvah

Early, early Sunday morning I arose (for a minute) and then returned to bed - it was too cold! I had packed the night before so I only needed a few minutes to dress and get my bags downstairs. Phew - it was a cold morning.

The flight was uneventful except for a note that Shelby had sliped into my luggage the night before with strick instructions of when to open it. Two hours latter I was back in my place. I began the garage shelf a little bit, unpacked a little bit, did some mail, took a bit of a nap and then a quick round of the grocery and dinner with friends!

Monday a.m. my boxes of stuff arrived and I got to the business of unpacking the work I took with me and take care of the items that arrived while I was gone. I will probably have another long day of getting the bits and pieces completed and put away.

The rest of the week was great, more chaufferring, cooking, cleaning, listening, explaining, hugging, comforting, assuring, - the simple duties yet most important ones. Those are the ones that keep the very fabric of life together. So we did have the brownies - yummy with butterscotch chips, of course why not make choc chip cookies; and lest not forget baking the gluten free choc chip cookies. So everyone was able to have their non-candy sugar fix.

Shelby and I went to Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate store to use her gift card. She was especially excited when they answered her email that their products were gluten free. We bought some extra's so we could surprise mommy and daddy when they returned. We even treated ourselves to some special truffles to share.

Jess and I hung out a bit before taking her to go to the movies and enjoyed conversation with each other. While I was there, I completed lots more on her blanket. Just the four corners to go.

Taylor was out on a hike with OSEP - a bit cold to say the least. It is in preparation of her 30 mile hike in January. Big news, Taylor's orchestra will be playing at Carnegie Hall in April! She interviewed me for her Personal Finance class - it was funny, she asked questions and wrote up her paper, submitted them on-line, and the next day her teacher gave her great accolades and thought that maybe she could learn something from her Aunt. LOL!

Chris and I continue to play the monology game and the bank was still out of money - we called the game, he won with the most $$s :) We also had an opportunity to go to the game store and get a few more games for his DS.

Friday - everyone came home, we picked up, and packed ourselves into the mini van (my goodness this was a great car, super GPS, but so big ) and off to the airport to meet up with their parents. After a enormous hello, we went off to the Pasta House - chain type resturant that serves gluten free pasta.

My time was coming to an end - what an adventure it was! Saturday was not anything, spent most of the day with my sister-in-law and then off to the 6-7-8 Club social for the sixth, seventh, eighth graders that they organize at their church featuring pizza, candy and the movie Kung Fu Panda. Cute movie, though not what I call visiting, sad - oh well, I guess it doesn't matter - because I took this time soley to help them up.

I will say so myself - I did pretty darn good - another week on the ground and I would have felt better with their schedule and would have been able to get more done (for myself) as it is truly a logistics opportunity. I am truly thankful that I could give this time to my brother and sister-in-law so that they could be together, as a couple to strengthen their relationship, and celebrate their marriage of 20 years. A dear friend said to me on my return, you've done a mitzvah. This is the most precious gift that one can do for another. I am thankful :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday - Hump Day

All is well in the calm before the storm. Today is the first of two half days for the kids. Shelby will be back by 11:45! Didn't she just leave. Actually today, she didn't wake me before she left - same with Taylor. While it was nice to sleep in for a few extra minutes, it's nice to see them off.

Now ----- there is a box of brownies sitting on the counter - I think some one is wanting a brownie fix! I guess it is a slight - "ya know Aunt Patty, brownies would be nice!" hint hint.

Miss Jess was the next out the door. Yesterday afternoon I attended as a spectator, her academic competition for her high school, LHS. These are held approx every two weeks - with students from each grade. Now for those of you that know the TV game show Jeopardy - that's kindergarden compared to the questions that are asked these kids! I did get some of the questions correct - and stumped completely on some, and not a clue on the tricky physics questions. A teacher reads the questions, I caught his eye a couple of times when he became quizzacle on how the question was worded. Anyway it was fun. Jess's team won the first competition against MHS, and lost against the second team from MHS. I must say these kids were quite impressive.

My niece, Miss Jess, is becoming quite a remarkable young woman. I was told to 'watch' her. Yet simple reminders are just about all I need to do. Double check on them for homework, they know what they need to do, though they all can get distracted. Last night was pick up dinner night, we did the left overs and assorted mini meals snacks and I made my colossal salad. She wanted the soup and some of the salad. Easily done. Before we 'closed' down the house for the evening, Aunt Patty doing the check the doors, lights, and anything else that could go 'beep, ding, or ring' Jess paid me the nicest compliment. "Gee Aunt Patty you are doing a real good job at the mom thing" then a simple hug and it was off to bed.

By a.m. she had an email on a STAR meeting which is about a kids discussion about poor and bad behaviors of some of their classmates. Apparantly, many of these kids have found alcohol and are drinking during the day! Okay - kids will try just about anything - remember I was in school during the sixties. I was surprised by her comment - 'their parents don't care'. Even if this comment is only half true, let me at those parents. I've my 'duh' stick and each of them would need to have a lesson about the "R" word. No offense here - parents are to be parents , not absent, not too busy, parents are to be the enforcers of the rules, and the biggest comfort blankie on earth. Parents are not suspose to be the kid's best friend and popular. If that does happen along the way, then I would say they were exceptional parents with exceptional children.

by the way----- being Hump Day - stop by for this week's specials and the video of the week Little plug for baby brother's site as he hasn't written on his blog for more than a week.!

PS by the way ----- the kids said that I say stuff just like Dad.... LOL..... who came first the chicken or the egg!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday 1:16pm CST

So another two days have gone by. There is still an "Aunt Patty" and there were four kids off to school this a.m. - so far it's we are working like a well oiled machine, unless one forgets lunch, or misses the buss because it's not suspose to be there until 7:45 and it came at 7:42! Lots of activity of course when they get home, chill down time, Kumon work to complete, general homework, then of course computer stuff, like video's on UTube, they can look up just about anything in a few clicks, phone calls, friends, keeping up on the rsvps for Chris's party and even answering questions for the Saturday movie night at their local church.

by the end of the day.... phew.... it can be tiring. This a.m. was about 5:30 - lol for all of you reading as it only feels like 6:30 to me. Then it was "do you have your lunch" , "where is your backpack", " did you remember the book?", okay the socks don't fit into the shoes, put the cello in the van, oh--- pet the dogs, don't forget lunch for Chris, set the timer to pick him up at 9:05 and leave the house by 8:57 - Yes folks down to the last minute. I can get my 5000 steps in before 9:30 am!

Last night was a little more quiet, Molly, Jess's bf came by for a book, (my additional niece I've been told), there was homework, and Shelb and Chris were at PSR or CCD to the rest of us.

My nephew Chris is so funny, he gets back, strews his stuff around and wants to know if we can continue the monolopy game. So we make an easy deal, he picks up his stuff, brings me all his laundry (AP task), does his health (ugh) reading of which he read most of it out loud to me. Then after getting PJ's on, and after all his stuff was readied, then we sat for a few more minutes to play a few rounds of monopoly. While it is the Jr edition - actually can move more quickly and easier on the mind. It was getting just too funny. The bank never seemed to have change, so I had to keep making change out of my stash. We couldn't make the change from Chris's as I've got more money than Chris and the Bank combined LOL ---- The St. Louis Branch of the Bank of Foley (old joke for those SSWF readers). I'm not sure what will happen when then bank runs out of money? but let me tell you, Chris hasn't fallen far from the tree - he'll make up rules! JUST LIKE HIS DAD! I hope that he and I can play it for a few more nights. His Gramma LuLu told him that she would play for days on end. He's so funny to play with. He plays his piece and if I don't move fast enough, he'll play my piece! Mind you he'll explain everything to you.

Today is a new adventure ---- check back later

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday in St. Louis

ahh the quite of the morning.... mind you it's 9am and the three princesses are still asleep and my nephew, the little man of the home, is away at a sleep over. Even Lizzie and Luke (dogs next door) are quiet. It's the first morning that I haven't driven someone(s) somewhere(s) before 8am!

I expect within the hour Chris returns home with lots to tell, Shelby will arise to tell me of the party she attended last night - mosel tov, Taylor & Jess and I hung out and watched some TV which, I'm now so confused as she clicked between six different shows. Taylor was driving the clicker - must have learned from Pete!

So I've had two days with the kids alone (well sort of). Denise & Pete are speaking with them at each major turn of the day via phone. We've been to do volunteer work (Jess), Taylor's "o" group, get together with Jess's friends and one slept over, reminder of the homework assignments, picking up, chores from the board, music instrument practice, played video games, did some YouTubing, did cooking (not really as Denise prepared many of the meals in advance), did the grocery store, did the library, can't do the pictures I was hoping to do - somehow they didn't load which is sad:(, breakfast, lunch, even chinese last night with the girls.

It's interesting to watch them be kids - not something you can see in a days visit once or twice a year. When you add friends, it's gets really funny. Oh give me the drama!

ps - after delivery of said children in the a.m. - and to the end of the day - mind you an easier day - I did some 11,000 steps!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pete's new pets

Now many of you have known Pete's unending love for animals. I remember his love for our pets as we grew up. Of course there was the two rabbits, the two ducks, a boat load of reptiles, hamsters, guinea pigs and not to be last - our beloved PusPus.

Then something happen to Pete - must have been college?? He didn't want to have any more pets. If memory serves be correctly - I think the floppy eared bunny was the last non-human resident at Pete's household.

Fast forward to today - Denise and the kids want a dog, yet Pete says no. His book on 187 reasons not to have a pet should be released in time for Christimas by YeLoF Publishing Co.

Yet today - we have new residents, Surprise Surprise - Meet the fruit flies - Jenny, Caila, Joe, Mark, Madison, Leia, Ryan, Bob, Alexis, Beth, Josh, Alan, Bert, Stu, Bartholomeu, Larry, Tad, Ursula and lets not forget Eunice!
Thanks to Shelby they all have a name!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Eagle has landed......

Relocation was completed - finished picking up, laundry, computer related items, phew. Neighbor Tom came by to take me to the repair shop to drop off the car and then to drop me at the airport. Julie made me a great cup of coffee and Hannah and Moe gave we a wonderful bookmark they brought from Israel - about the Dead Sea Scrolls. The airline, AA, didn't charge me for the bag I checked, let me get through the check point except for my hair conditioner - that I had to leave behind as it was a bottle toooooooo large. I guess I could hold up a plane with my hair conditioner?? Both flights were uneventful and I did get a nap on both. Pete met me at the airport and gave me the ride back to the house.

It was great, the kids drew a message on the driveway for me, though it was too dark and then it rained before I could see it in the a.m. :( It was time for dinner, lovely, then we had to get down to the notes of the who, what, when, how etc..... and lots of etc, of the MO household. Before you know it, the clock striked midnight CST and wow I was tired.

Today - semi first day of my "super nanny" duties. First duty - get Pete & Denise off to the dang airport and out of the way! Now the kids and I can get down to some fun. Who isn't running when/where. Easy a.m. for me, then I had the chance to work, and the kids came home, dinner served, and off to a concert that Shelby and Taylor played in. I was the videographer - my first LOL!! I did run out of the film, ouch in the middle of Shelby's last piece, though with a little push, got the new cartridge in the camera just in time for Taylor's performance. Jess was off to do some babysitting and Chris had to do "one hour and four minutes" of cello practice and "aunt patty" had to sign off on his playing.

I must say - what a joy yet what a schedule to follow. Tomorrow A.M. - big morning as I must drive two kids around for the opening of special classes before school begins! It means an early early a.m.

Now with all the notes, lol I missed or forgot that the telephone answering machine beeps when it has a message, the refrigerator beeps if you leave the door open, the little button on the right side of the roof on the van is for the garage or you have to remember the code (like mine) and the door closer in the garage is hidden! LOL!! Not bad for the first day!

Tomorrow I'll end up with five kids in the house - Jess is having a friend, Sam, stay over so they can do 'hours' for Key Club on Saturday - another early morning! Sleeping in is definitely a luxury for the single life!!

Keep in touch -

p.s. the P&D already called in to check on the kids before the concert!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Down to Hours ...... St Louis and the Election

Well, so much as been going on = not much sleep.

The Woodsedge Condo - sold - so that meant a final move!

The Crown Ridge Condo - it now has furniture!

The Friends had their one day booksale - and they just about cleared $13K - Great Job!

Great night at the polls - over all we signed up 97 citizens for new library cards.

My state Rep Sandy Nafis - she swept our district and I had the opportunity to visit her at the Dem headquarters for a few minutes to offer my congratulations. Glad she's going to be on the job again!

I just heard part of Pres Elect Obama acceptance speach - sad day for US - As a country we will need to stand viligent - call your Congress person ! Make your voice heard in DC! While the election is finished (thank goodness) the work has just begun. enough for now

Then the last two days - get my home in order, mail, email, set-up Paulette for work to accomplish, get additional communications equipment, run around - banking, post office to mail the stuff to Pete's ; laundry, clean out car as it will be going in for repairs while I'm away; get the carpenter Bob the materials he'll need to do the Garage shelving units; write a few thoughts in this blog; just a usual day at my place!

So in about 10 hrs I'll be boarding a plane and end up in St. Louis, Continue to watch the blog as it will be the assault of Aunt Potty in St. Louis LOL!

Sweet dreams to all!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey Christopher ---- Happy Birthday!!!

Hey Chris...

Happy Birthday my 1st nephew!

Now there are lots of stories about the long road for you to come to be with us. I'm so glad you joined us! Your dad so wanted a son, 1st there was Taylor, then Jessica, when Shelby was to arrive - I predicted it wasn't going to be you. That day was still coming. I told your Mom.... hold out to All Saints Day........ and we, all the family, was and is blessed with having you in our family.

I know that your Mom & Dad are so proud of you.

I hear there was a math test - 26 out of 26 - pretty darn good!! We will have to celebrate when I get there in a few more days!

Anyway, my dear Christopher, your road to 11 has had some struggling strides, lots of fun, tons of learning --- I'm proud of you.

Enjoy Your Day!!! See you very soon - Have a Happy Birthday!


Aunt Patty

PS - Dad was glad the two of you went 'trick or treating'!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

IRS - ding bats again, heck expensive ding bats

Leak - wrong refunds? Geez Louise - the IRS's accounting system stinks! $1 billion (that's a B folks). The tax guys were never auditors or accountants LOL!!! What could have been paid for had they get their act together. read more about it ..... click here

Are you A Citizen of the U.S.?

There are only a few requirements to be the president of the United States - #1 you must be a natural born citizen; #2 you must be at least 35 years of age; #3 you must have live here for 14 years.

Is Mr. Obama a natural born citizen of our great country? check out this --- a law suit to boot Thanks Pete for the posting..... Is it a plot? Dunno.... Is it a ploy? Dunno.... Is it a set up for another hanging-chad Florida?

You gotta love the law-------- ! REMEMBER TO GO OUT AND VOTE!

Papers are signed!

This a.m. I went off to the attorney's office to sign the general papers to sell & release my condo to it's new owner! On Monday, G_D willing, the check will be in the bank, phew. So much to do, tonight , going to get the last of the "stuff" and will only have furniture to do on Sat a.m.!

What a push, ......... if you are reading out there.................. MAKE TIME AND VOTE ON TUESDAY.......

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One week today

It's getting exciting and stressful - all in one as the day draws near to be in St. Louis. I'm clearing the decks, of course, getting more fit in so those I leave here to work can continue to work and get it done while I'm away!

My sis-in-law - bless her! - gave me the general run down for the kids. Transportation leave/arrive times for school, special events soccer and a concert and half days, camera - still and movie, House/Family rules to follow, and some general stuff like groceries etc. My brother says I should be able to hook up my laptop to their network, that will be a relief once I know I can log back to the office. He's going to get me addresses for some of the common stuff out there, like the post office, grocery, banks, library, etc places, okay a couple of other stores could be good.

The real estate closing on Woodsedge is on for Monday, movers arrive Sat a.m., garage shelving to go up Sat p.m. (the car may get in the garage yet), close up the old condo!, ship boxes to St. Louis with stuff (looks like that will be Monday?); have schedule arranged for my assistant; fixing the schedule for my neighbor for mail deliveries and UPS and FedX, etc, 0h yeah the Election and sign up folks for library cards at the polls.

okay ------- sounds like a plan?? BTW - I found two pairs of shoes, phew! I could use a "big late nighter" !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Campaign - 39 days in

It's been great in returns - over 500 members have renewed or joined the Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library. So far we have collected $14,400 or about 70% of the budget and about 53% of my personal goal I've set for myself.

Today I completed an additional appeal letter for those that haven't returned their memberships. If I do say so myself, I'm getting a bit better at writting these letters. I moved to a second page for the first time on the one mailed in September. Having that extra space about 1/3 of a page more allows for a bit more information.

One point of interest - 2008 results are in and my library is 2nd in the State of Connecticut according to the Hennen's American Public Library Rating for a library in our town size. Big Kudos to Marian Amodeo and the Staff at the Library - They are the BEST IN MY BOOK!

The library that is #1 is the Westport library - and our former library director, Maxine is their current library director. That was the director that got me involved in the Friends in the first place! To compare towns, population Us= 29,000 Them=26,000; Per Capita Income Us=$30,545 Them=$75,194 (2002 census) Since I don't have the methodology of the numbers going into Hennen's rating (soon to get my hands on them) then I can not make a real comparison. I'd like to see the top five in our town size - more on this later.

13 days to go - GO WEST ....... yippie i o

... tic toc tic toc..... it's amazing as the time flies by. The list is long of to-do's hasn't felt like it is getting any shorter. I have an appointment with my sis-in-law to go over the schedule for my time there. I won't be arriving until supper time, and they leave 1st thing the next a.m. Not much time to get my feet wet LOL.

So I need to close of my old place; do three major mailings; garage shelving system installed; two moves - one amatuer and one professional; visit friend in hospital who was hit by a bus - not good; sign up citizens for library cards; prep my assistant with work; get the health/beauty day in; finish the work for a quarter; attend a seminar; pack and ship some of my stuff; LOL - sounds like a normal October to me!

ps oh yeah, i need a new pair of shoes!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate again......

Ok - what do you think?

Tax credit / tax increase / tax decrease = I'm getting a headache - Tax Policy - they are debating who can sell a "tax cut" better than the other.

The Govt get's less $$'s because of the tax cut - so who's going to pay to keep the lights on?

Who the heck is Joe the Plumber - I need a good plumber! of course they are talking about the business tax --- lol ------ that is such a small silver of the tax revenue pie. Most businesses are not corporations and therefore do not pay any taxes (the income of the company is taxed at the individual level).

So ----cut the individual income tax ------ who's going to pay to keep the heat on?

Now the meat of the matter - if you cut the revenue - then you need to cut the spending. LOL the "O" is going to go line-by-line through the federal budget...... LOL ---- he couldn't be office long enough to do it! McCain on the other hand - he freezes spending; and wishes to invest in energy.

Now one thing - you cut govt spending - I couldn't even begin to tell you of the ripple to our economy that would affect the country when all the government suppliers can not sell to the government.!! Oh yeah, the government buys lots and lots of stuff and really is an economy in and of itself.

"O" doesn't tell the real truth about a deficit - the only reason we have debt in this country is because the US govt spends more than it takes in. It is not due to investment - just the "fat" spending.

ZZZZzzzzzzzzz....... to much you said, I said, he said or didn't say...... who's going to pay for the cable?

Back to a good question - reduce energy dependence? Hmmmmm Listen up to McCain. Neither of them can answer the question for the "first term" Hey guys ----- that's the first four years..... Invest in alternative energy - ahhh creat jobs? too long of an outlook - not enough of a quick fix.

Health Care - oh my goodness - this is such a sticky problem and as far as I am concerned - govt mandated health care - sounds like Canada, Denmark, etc....... They don't get it? Health care is a personal choice and a personal responsibility! It's not Gov't job to make sure you have a $10 co-pay instead of a $25 co-pay! We already have a wealthfare system - medicare medicaid for the uninsured. It's not the best - but really, I can't see "O" hanging out under the thruway getting folks into a job that the employer is required by the govt to supply health care.

Education - now this one - hmmm so much spent yet we have low scores on a global basis? Shame on us. Yeah - Math and Science! The "O" says give a tuition credit - lol we all ready have one! (he probably doesn't do his own taxes and his kids are too young!) McCain was strong here. Hey parents - Get home and take care of your children - assist them, inspire them to achieve, show them the light to 'good smarts' as A key to moving forward and being successful in their future life.

I'm glancing over balancing the budget - mostly because neither of them really get it - we need to generate more revenue for the govt to support it's spending. It's what I tell my small business clients - you can cut your expenses to meet your sales - gee when sales are shrinking then so is your business - go out and make it happen - get your attitude up, keep it in a winning way!

Over all----- McCain seemed more on top - Then you gotta love us Independent Voters - we will make this election. Tic toc.... three weeks today - we have a new president - three weeks today I'll be with my St. Louis gang!............... What do you think????

Sunday, October 12, 2008

23 days to St Louis

Yes it is.... so far I'm still going to St Louis to babysit my brother's kids. While the flight isn't direct - through Raleigh 1st for a several hour layover, it's at 11:30 am and not at 7am!

It's funny as my brother thinks it will be a vacation for me. I find it funny to 'hear' how other people perceive my activities. More on this in a later blog. While it will be a change of venue, it won't be a 'real' vacation. The original trip was slated for September - during the nice weather, sun still up, etc and a friend of mine was going to be available so that she and I could take a couple of days together. Now, it's a shorter trip, Leslie has a job(yahoo for her) and isn't as available - we will have to see if I can slip in a day to spend with her!

So far I've heard that during the week, Thurs to Thurs - the kids will be having a couple of half days! LOL for my work day. Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing treat to be able to have some group and one-on-one time with my nieces and nephew. Over the last several years, I'm lucky to be able to share up to 20 hours with them in a year. I'm sure my sister-in-law will have every minute scheduled during my stay with all their activities. It will be a whirlwind of a time!

In order to get "order" to this upcoming week, I'll need to make sure I can have an internet connection for my laptop; see if the library out there has some books that I can have 'pre-borrowed' for me. At least I can order my downloadable audio books. I looked at the St Louis Library site, very lean on the dounloadable audio books. Then there is the St Louis County Library system - a few more books, still lean compared to the number of titles we offer. Need to ask my sister-in-law if they have a card I can "use" while they are away. I need to find a yoga class / studio! That would be helpful as I would be missing two of my classes here - not a good thing.

I've alot of computer work to accomplish; wish to work on some lace or crochet projects; then there is Friends Membership stuff to coordinate; last minute Tellabration items to do; Christmas cards need to be worked on; preparing my master list of work; then all the forms and papers that need to be assembled (either paper or electronic form). I'm just laughing as I have a pile of work that needs to get out of here before I leave and make sure I have Paulette all set for the days I'll be out there. She and I can work remotely so lots of the year end projects can go on without a hitch.

It will be interesting to say the least! Onward - go West!!

Shelby Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Dear Shelby!

So you are now 13 years old - A first official teen year. I remember the day your Dad called from the hospital to let me know that you arrived - and that you were a girl (I told him !) and that you would be named Shelby.

I said - why did you name her after a British sports car? Later it was said that your Mom like the name from a movie she saw. I've seen the movie and it is great. You are as beautiful - I think more so - than the actress called by the same name.

You are such a gem - we all enjoyed your tales of Shelbyville and I especially loved your time with your fairy princess dress that Christmas - You would wear it all the time.

Fast forward and wow you are a tremendous young lady - talented and so funny!

I wish you a Happy Birthday -------- and see you in less than a month!

Aunt Potty

Friday, October 10, 2008

Help has arrived

With the move organized - two guys and the truck, assistance in order pre-move and day of move, now my focus comes back to my new home. Bob, the carpenter guy, just left with a list of misc stuff, like the "honey do" list I've heard about. In my life, it's the "me do" list. I've got a stack of little pesky items, threshhold here, fix wallboard there, custom fit a shelf here, open the back of a cabinet and put on a door, the garage shelving system were among the more top of the list items. One bonus in talking about my place, is to install more insulation in the attic. There's about 6inches of the pink stuff up there - so adding another layer up there would be helpful in cutting down in loss of heat/air conditioning. It's a bit bigger project than expected, yet I'll save on the utilities over time - yet it's not very sexy!

So I have my shopping list, a few items to get back to him on. Whoo hooo a few more items of progress. I'm looking forward to having my furniture and art work brought over. Now the task of decorating is in order. Ugh!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Missed It

oh well, they say it is a deep subject. I missed the 1st showing of the presidental debate. Tuned in to see the second showing. ok It was riviting, interesting, generally polite - didn't say much to me either way.

The next morning - comments were that the "boys" played too nice. No real name calling, or jabs. What do the pundits and media think.... is this Monday night wrestling? Anyway - saw part of the Larry King interview of Mrs. Obama. She seems like a bright and intelligent lady. Again, it didn't hold my attention.

Current events say more to what is going on. Who's writing the check to pay for all of this? Govt - guess again. It's you and me. The stock market behaves like a yoyo, gives the media lots of great graphics to show. Yet no one ------ I really mean ----- no one, is accepting responsibility for this mess. Throwing more $$'s on it (especially with an open checkbook) will not, I'll repeat, will not fix it! Put $$'s in the pot, unattended and you invite the crooks and not-so-nice-people to come by and begin the greed cycle. Oh well..... it is a deep subject.

PS who is going to pay for the beer?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Posting on Blogs

Whether I write my blog or write in to other blogs, it is amazing what you can write if you think about it.

Visit the cable guy blog and you can take a poll as to who you are voting for. Why not - it's kinda like being in New Hampshire way back at the beginning of all of it. My brother is a hoot - take a look.

So are you out there reading mine? Why not leave a few words ??

Thank you St. Joseph

Yes it will be moving day once again! My assistant, Paulette reminds me that we did the greatest part of the move on the 1st half. That's probably true. Yet with all that is on my plate, all that needs to be done, and get ready to go away soon!

I'm beginning to plan where the furniture needs to be placed. Once we are closer (after the20th) I can really begin to break down the good ole Woodsedge.

Now think of it - put on the market 8/8/08 - and contract signed 10/02/08 - less than two months. Not bad for a tight market. Thanks St. Joseph.

Oh yes - if you didn't follow - I buried the patron saint of real estate in my back yard and prayed he would bring me a buyer......... that was on a Saturday night and then the Tuesday after that, I recieved the offer! Heck - I should be selling these St. Joseph statues to the Govt - it may help the mortgage and real estate market - maybe even solve some of the bail out? Ok a bit of a tangent there. Back to reality.....

I'm going to be glad to have a couch once again and some of my 'art' work; and not to have to worry about the unit any longer.

Thanks St. Joseph!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Going once, going twice, sold to some lady

Yesterday I received an offer - very low ball - actually what I would expect as it's a buyers mart. Though it was offensive to me. So I simply put it, NO, no deal. My agent brought back my thoughts to their agent, and low and behold, they came back with a better offer. I still said NO. The last thing I was going to do was be backed into a corner by a buyer making an offer and then going to leave the country for two weeks. Interesting strategy - but it didn't work with me.

So I sent Agent Lee back to them with my NO - persistence is one thing I do have. A few hours later, they came within $1K - so we made the deal provided that they put the cash on the table and get the inspections done in the next 18 days! We will then close on election day.

Oh my goodness - now I need to do the second half of my move! I'll finally get the balance of my furniture in my new place. ....... tic toc..... tic toc...... 18 days to go

Christmas, in Sept?

Have you been out shopping, just normal kind, trip through your favorite big box hardware store, favorite craft store, even the grocery? Well I did over the weekend, need a bolt etc and found ornaments and artifical trees; found more ornaments; and then candy! oh give me break, we haven't celebrated Columbus day yet! The leaves haven't changed, aren't we pushing the holiday season a bit early?

With a new home, I will have the opportunity to turn out some of my decorations. yet remember I'm still without my furniture in this, my new home. I'll get to make up some, and my good friend, Jules, is so excited to be able to help decorate. I'm kind of looking forward to having her help, her excitement to decorate is contagious.

Any way - it is to dang early to consider the decorations for the December holidays!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Campaign - Day 10

Wow - it's happening and it makes me feel great. Received the mail and we are now at over $8300! I'm not at my desk so I don't have the exact numbers. This Tuesday should be a big mail day and the last of September. I hope we break the $10K mark; just shy of the half-way mark.

This week I have made one possible headway in that the information about the number of renewing members will be appearing on the Events roll on the front page of the website of the Library. I do hope that it happens. Making the buzz is important so that we make our goals.

Now you may ask, the goal. Goal is budget for now. While it may seem like it is based on past experience, I actually do a calculation to based on past "new members added", retention, and rejoin members. Then round down. The membership revenue and booksale revenue drive the spending of the organization, so we err on the conservative side. When there is more revenue than expenses, then we perform another calculation for the special gifts.

This year with some help, like creating the buzz, we may be able to reach my goal nearing the $28K mark. Last year was just under $26K.

Upcoming month, send out 2nd reminders to members; National Friends Week; and Staff contest. Begin a mailing to prospetive members. All is in the works, so not much to do! Just in time so I can go to St. Louis without fretting too much about the Friends.

Open House Day

Yesterday I went over to the old unit, buried St. Joseph in the back yard, wiped up the dust, brushed the leaves off the patio, made sure the air matresses were fully inflated, freebreezed the place, said several prayers to St. Joseph, took out the plants up front and went away with my fingers crossed.

Today there was a open house - nothing happened that I have heard about so far. I expect that if there was any really good news I would have had a phone call my now. More later..

It's Sunday.... are you sure?

Have you ever wondered what day it is? Lately all my days have been running into each other, one doesn't seem to look any different than the next. While have a newspaper delivered, can check the date then, look at the date on my computer, it seems I'm missing a day.

For those of you that are saying... ahhh it's the aging process. I'll disagree simply in that I think all of our plates a too full. I've been pushing to keep the desk clear, clear up work, clear up left-over scanning /shredding/ sorting (thanks Paulette), get the other items done. Yet it is all connected. I can laugh right now - one item is connected to another, that is connected to some more and by the end of the day.... oh my goodness.... what was done? what has yet to be done? somehow, how did I end up with more undone by the end of the day.

I don't have a soluntion - its just one of those quirks in life. and .... Life is Good! Tomorrow is another day, today was good.

Friday, September 26, 2008

the New Place

It's happening.... another couple of construction projects completed! I needed some height for the 'craft' and 'scrapbook / photo album' stuff. I had a small bookcase that kinda worked at the old place yet wasn't sufficient in the new place. So to Lowe's again to get the matching picecs to the lower book case. Wow - they still had them, drawers and doors and the height thing, bought it. Now it's 84" high - putting it into the car was so funny. The carriage kept getting away from me. Getting it out of the car was even more funny! I struggled to get it into the garage and I took it apart in there and took the pieces to the it's designated spot. If there is a will there is a way - just think about it! several screw, shanks, dowels , and the book case is built and in place and is now serving it's purpose. (thanks Jules for holding the level!)

In checking the lighting, the lamps were out. So change the bulbs, only to have the screw part stay in the lamp and the bulb in your hand? Ouch, it won't come out! Paulette and I were up there trying to yank the dang thing out - no go. So the electrician's came again - and found out the the fixture was shot, so off to the store for another fixture for them to switch it out, put in another switch for convenience in the storage room, finally have the front door light working, and somehow the remote door bell still isn't working. One check of another lamp he found that the balast was leaking and about to possibly cause a fire - it was fixed also! So back to the door bell!

I want to say that the lower level is complete - maybe really close. A few more items to do in the filing / scanning / shredding area and move stuff around in storage - it does look good. stop back for some new pics soon!

the Old Unit

... not much on the real estate front. It's been quieter than a church mouse. This weekend is going to be an open house to hopefully russle up some foot traffic. Now mom sent me a statute of St. Joseph - I'm going to bury him in the back of the unit before the open house. Legend says he helps you sell or at least find you a buyer.

With the 'noise' going on with failing banks, brokerage, congress, economy, etc. geez louise, it is the best time to buy. (by the way is there an election coming up?) If you haven't taken care of your finances, shame, if you have sorta taken care of them, then look at buying at this time. You'll make out better paying a mortgage than a rent. I know all the reasons for both... but get this....

New home buyer may qualify for a new tax credit from the Uncle Sam that is like getting $7,500 interest free loan for the next 15yrs!

To find out if you qualify, then call me! and saying a prayer to St. Joseph wouldn't hurt either!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lace Guild

Yesterday was the 1st meeting of the fall for the New England Lace Guild (NELG). Our meetings are held monthly at the library in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

We have a business meeting, then a speaker/guest. This month's guest was from the Plimoth Plantation - yes this is the Plymouth you are thinking of. Travel back to the 1600's and visit how life was back then.

Our speaker, Jill Hall, came to show us some of the work our members have been working on the recreation of an embroidered jacket. The link will take you to the blog and you can see some pictures for a work in progress. Members from the guild have traveled up and stayed over night to be able to work on this jacket. The lace part is amazing, our own Carolyn as assisted so many hours to this projected. The lace is simple, yet the thread was not. A silk cord in gold with gold metallic on the outside. From what I understood, this thread was contracted though a supplier in England. One spool of this thread is $40 what with the Euro and the price of gold!

It was truly a privilege to get to see this work in progress. It is hoping that the jacket will be completed by September of next year! An original of this jacket, the inspiration, can be found at the V&A in London. See it here and from a painting of Margaret Laton, hence the name the Laton jacket.

Click above and visit Plimoth and the V&A!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 2 of the Campaign

We break $3700 - average for 118 = $31.89 -- We also have a Yahoo Group for Membership Committee - committee members should stop by and join up.

What a great thing - this may very well allow me to get some information out to all members in an easier and more convenient way. It's simple, can have a calendar, upload files, upload pictures and a host of other features besides a simple email.

On to bigger and better things!

The Campaign Begins

Last week was a meeting of the membership committee - I'm chair once again. In many ways the membership of the Friends is like my baby. When I first got involved - we had about 600 members. This past year - we ended the year, (for the second time) with just over 1,000 members. These members are amazing - we raised almost $26,000 in membership $$'s- again another record for the Friends.

So last week - we folded,stuff and mailed out some 959 member statements for members to renew. The return mail has started! The official first day of mail, we had 20 returns for a total of $711! great first day at an average of $35.55, I'm hoping for more days like that.

Now this is one activity in that the buck stops here. Any one with a complaint, compliment, comment goes to me. I personally get to talk with the member. I actually love it and have learned amazing ways of the Library / Friends past. Thank you notes are also wonderful few moments I get to spend with a member to tell them how much we appreciate their membership contribution. ........ yes ..... each one is hand written and hand addressed.

So the campaign is on --------- I would like to top the membership at 1100 and get our contribution level up 10% to about $29,000. This year I have some help, so we will see how it goes! LOL I get so fired up about being a Friend and getting more folks on board with being a member. .... remember we are going to build an addition to the Library soon and need lots of members.

If you would like to join the Friends - get out membership form and send it in.

Monday, September 15, 2008

You Must Dance!

Hi All - this one is a cute moment. Thanks to Debbie via Jules for the file. see below

So when have you danced lately? A rumba, waltz, a little cheek to cheek, or some wild rock & roll. In my humble opinion, dancing is great exercise and a great way to express ones self. I was brought up with dancing all about me. Up until a few years ago, my parents traveled all over the eastern seaboard to go country dancing. That's a picture of them at Natick in Massachusetts. They met so many great people though this activity and looked forward to seeing them at the various haunts - Round Hill, New Haven, West Hartford, just to name a few in CT.

Dancing goes back to when we must have decided that walking wasn't enough. Now you can watch the dance competitions on tv and cheer on your favorite.

So turn up your volumn and watch this little clip :)

The Cool Weather

It's been great up till the "storms" have gotten to New England. It's been cool, enough to get out a blanket, turn off the fan, and wow - a great nights sleep.

The cool weather also seems to rejunevate the spirit - summer is just about over, the Fall is coming, pumpkins, turning leaves, a first frost. County fairs are in full swing. The Big E just opened this past weekend. I'm looking to going up there to see who won the lace entries, find a few sheep, maybe even a giant pumpkin or two.

So come on up and take in one of the greatest fairs there is!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Annual meeting trustees - I'm sad

Most of you know how involved I've been with the Friends of the Library here. So involved that I received the 2008 Connecticut's Individual Achievement award for a Friend of a Library. It was truly very nice to get a nod at the State level of the work I have put in. Remember I didn't do it for the award but for the love of a great institution - our public library. But then there are those days and today was one of them.

At our place - the Friends are separate from the Trustees, at times, it seems the Friends don't even exist. The Friends are an amazing group of individuals - I always try to do them justice on how well they work to raise $$'s for the Library. I'm out pounding the soap box, sidewalks, bending anyone ear to talk about supporting our Library. Some times I feel I couldn't say Thank You enough - two little words - yet it just never seems enough.

Tonight was the annual meeting of the Library / Trustees. Now since the Friends are just about invisible, and I mean that I only noticed three of a twenty member board present at this meeting. That pisses me off - another day for that. Tonight was their "unveiling" of their Legacy Society plaque - a long awaited and overdue thank you. They 'honored' various people that have given the Library big $$'s in the past. It was interesting - you could belong to various clubs, assoc, circles, councils and what have you - it makes your head spin - and there are $$ amounts attached to them, those facts were missing. When it was done - not !- the one donor that didn't appear on their plaque was the Friends of the Library. I went back into my board books (retired from the board Feb 2008) and financials and added up what we spent on the Library - in the last eleven years - we, the Friends of the Library, through membership and book sales and assorted other events - put $411,000+ into the Library. That doesn't even count the tens of thousands of hours of labor contributed!

In the past year alone = over $60K was given to the Library to support materials, programs, and staff.

Now this plaque will be mounted in the foyer of the Library for all to see how these individuals have made a difference to the Library. Don't take me wrong, these folks were generous and remembered to give to the Library. But the Friends of the Library - some 1000 plus members - don't get the nod - don't get a spot on the plaque? It is truly a sad day for the Friends, and an even more sad day for the Library. They just don't get it :(

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Loving the Crown

It's been about 2-1/2 months - what do I like about my new place so far.

Laundry on the sleeping level. It's kinda cool, while I wind down, the clothes are getting cleaned and just about before the days over, it's done.

The garage - cool place. I know it is for the car, but I'm still doing construction and staging stuff and need the peg board installed so I can re-arrange the tools to be in a neat & orderly manner. I love the keyless door system and the light sensor. It's cool.

Space - it is nice not to be on-top of everything. It's nice that the office is a bit farther from the balance of my living space. 2nd bedroom, while I haven't done much since my niece came to stay, I can actually plan to have friends visit and they can stay overnight. It is easy to clean - just about everything has a place to be in.

Since I still have lots of my furniture at the old place (remember the staging part), I miss my couch to go to hang out on. Tonight I dined chinese at Jules's home - it was great after dinner we retired to her living area and we got to lie back on the couches. We were sharing stories and just laughing - pretzels. That's for another blog entry.

I'm still not sure why it all happened now. There were two showings this past week at the Woodsedge unit - though I have not heard any update yet. I am thinking this unit is truly a transisitional place. That is good to. Gotta run - need a little beauty sleep.

Is it over yet? Did the fat lady sing?

The DNC & RNC are now over. Everyone has their own slants on the buzz that has come out of each convention. I saw on the Yahoo news line that Ms. Sarah may be more popular than McCain and Obama - This is why America is so great. New and fresh is good and I guess she has turned more heads than anyone has expected. Of course the news outlets are having a field day and the comparisons are everywhere.

So this is what I think should happen - the DNC gets one full page in a newspaper and the RNC gets a full page in the same newspaper on the opposing page and get they their platforms stated. They have until 9/15 to get it done and published. The public gets about 2 weeks for questions, and then one debate and we vote by mid October. Save the bucks that is going to go into smear commercials for the next two months. In two months less one day (for those counting) we will have an answer.

I feel like we all should plug up our ears and sing - will it get this to a vote so we can all get to work?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lipstick is Great!

So last night I ran out - did my library run - got chinese and settled in to see the RNCs line up of speakers.

I was able to cheer a few more times during this episode of politics than in the DNCs mini series. I'm a smaller government person. If you see the mounds of paper I have to read each year of new taxes, new credits (that most don't get), changes to old taxes (generally increasing), new deductions, limiting deductions - okay you must get the picture by now.

Huckster (see my brother's blog ) , Rudy, and then the star of the show, Ms. Sarah. I was so pleasantly surprised, enjoyed the speech, her delivery was just like a "regular person" not too rehearsed sounding. The Party and viewing public was able to get a glimpse into the "real" Sarah and her family. Lord knows that if there is a slow news day, it will be time to look for dirt on any of her family members.

On an interview this a.m., Michael Reagan spoke about being the 'adopted' and not real son of the Reagans and how it affected him and his children. Can some one get a grip - will CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and every news outlet - can we focus on getting work done in Washington - getting work done in our states - getting our country back in order and working smartly into our future. The National Inquirer has four reporters in Alaska - hmmm sounds like too slow up there, or polar bears are not being abducted by aliens - so now that Gov. Sarah's on the VP trail, the Inquirer is sending four more reporters up there to dig in some snow drifts to see what they can find.

If you know anything about me - I dislike waste, I dislike filling up space and time with "noise" just because. Geez, lets get talking about what is real and the truth, lets get back to your business and make a buck or two. Maybe, just maybe, Ms. Sarah will bring out more, shirt sleeve types to work in public service for the people of our country. The next two and a half months should be interesting! Stay tuned.....

ps if you need a cable - call on for all your solutions!

pss - lipstick - did they say what color?

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Garden / The Balcony

So it's been 2-1/2 months since I moved into my new home and I noticed that I didn't have any pictures yet - so here's the front door. You can see my tomato plant, herb garden, and some flowers. Yes that's sun tea by the the front door.

When you stand on the front stoop, this is the little garden we have in front. The shrubs are taken care of by the Assoc - though the only thing they do is trim them in to little pom-poms. I added some mulch called chocolate and a few plants. Jules added some stone creatures to keep it all interesting. (really cute) There is a green plant up front that is "savannahs" plant. It has remained green throughout the summer and appears to like it's new home. I planted some maiden grass and it looks like it also feels at home in the front garden though I may need to move it next year as it is going to be too big where it is.

So what have I done while here - lots though it seems like it's not adding up - okay I'm laughing as it is coming along. It's just not done - and it would be nice just to be done and I can go about my business. Today I did get something completed, the right side of the living level balcony-and here it is. With some of my furniture still at the previous place - it's a bit tough to feel 'all moved in'. Today I made a mission to find a table to sit at with the chairs I purchased earlier. Bonus, also found a candle candelabra. Tonight was the first night I was able to sit at a table and have dinner and on the balcony. It was just lovely - quite relaxing.

The other side of the balcony has two of my plants - my christmas catcus that blooms in March or April - and Tom's orphaned plant. One of them will move up to the other balcony and I will need to find there 'winter' home soon. I set up my little fountain for now, bird feeder hasn't attracted birds yet -hmmmm (Jules said to hang out a sign). The chimes I had from the Amish fair in PA were just taken down for the 's' hook. Now some metal artwork and a better light, small serving table and the "outside living area" will feel the absolute best. I'm looking forward to tomorrow moring coffee on the balcony!
I'm looking at books and getting ideas for my retreat / bedroom area. I need to find a solution so that it can be completed before the 'season' begins. I really don't need any of the furniture used in staging so that will not impede the progress of this new focus.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Timmy

Happy Birthday to you!

And many many healthy and happy ones to come!

So Tim, Timmy, Liam

You have just finished your 49th year and beginning your 50th year. I don't know when you passed me out as I still feel like a kid of 30something. You are getting ready to join the Club. Now that I figured out how to put in pictures, (we are all in trouble), it's fun.
Being the oldest and only sister(another blog on that), Tim was welcomed to our family just two years after my brother Mike. There was nothing usual about my new brother. He got the straight hair and long eye lashes! He was fun and full of spirit, and still is. He attended a special elementary school , then on to trade school to become a chef. Being creative is so natural for him. He can look in anyone's fridge and make a dinner out of its contents. He married a lovely lady, Sandy. The two of them are so good. They then adopted two pembrok corgies, Kirby and Clohe. (note - need a picture of the "kids").

Of course, please add your own stories/memories, here are a few of mine.

Being four kids, all with healthy appetities, Tim would hide fruit in the wonder bread loaf, right where the ballons cover the bag. That way he would have a piece of fruit when we would run out.

Guinea pigs - we had lots of them. I remember something with going to Mrs. Moore's on Saturday mornings with Tim and getting or giving them some of ours

Tim's van - yes it was back in the 70's and he had a really great van until a deer hit him! You'll have to ask him about that one. Though I do remember he was working at a restuarant when he took a fresh deer in and I asked for venison when it wasn't on the menu for my birthday dinner. It was so good! (the only time I didn't order "real" veal).
Living at the Penthouse in New Haven - what a nice pad! I remember that's when Sh-t Head came to be his little princess .....
Escaping from the hospital - he took a fall and hit his head, a freak accident. While he didn't think it was a big deal , Tim never does, he had quite the concussion that required hospitalization. I remember getting the call at college and running down to see him but he escaped and no one knew where he went. "I was bored and wanted real food or was it a coffee" is as close to the words I remember when he returned to the hospital.

Christmas eve dinner at Mike's in Black Rock? Did you finally arrive?

Bottles of wine - yep you can count on my brother to know his wines. I remember him getting a case of assorted bottles from CA. They were all good, even when I did cellar them for quite a while!
Happy Birthday Tim - may you have many more
Much Love,
your sis

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On my way to St. Louis......??

So if you noticed, my count down clock to St. Louis is not running backwards. All that is planned doesn't necessarily happen. Unfortunately I have been re-assigned to November for Children Duty.

I was so looking forward to about two weeks, in September to be with my 3 neices and nephew. Nice weather, generally, and plenty of time to do "stuff" with the kids.

This whole thing began a year ago when my brother wished to take his bride of almost 20 years to Paris for a week. WOW - nice guy ya think! So what do you do when you have four kids, with schedules that would make the current political runners look like couch potatoes. These kids are between 16 and 11(almost), and are full of energy! He calls me and says - "what are you doing next September?" LOL - I don't know - working? is this a trick question? So all in all, plans were made, plane tickets booked. I wanted to be "there" when they told the kids that I'd be coming out - any way - they did find out ahead of time. At Christmas, Taylor & Jessica asked if I'd come out - I looked at both of them, shrugged my shoulders and said, flatly, no. The look on their faces was just priceless.

So life gets in the way - and I've been rescheduled. I'll be there the day after the election. While the election is important - my role at the polls is legendary. It's the day/night that I sign up people for Library Cards. I generally do the 5:30 to 8:00pm shift at one of the schools and am usually joined by another volunteer. Well let me at them....... in an off year, like last year, I signed up 26! The highest number that I did sign up was 40 - so this year I'm looking to break records! It's funny as I can get just about everyone to show me their library card before they go in to vote! I hope more folks come out to vote and then we will have more card holders!

First Night

Oh my goodness, the Olympics are over and Bang! we are into the dang conventions. This year it seems that the two political machines are at it in a big way - I wonder how much the media gets for "living" there. I took my look from the CPTV vantage point (public TV for those non-Nutmegers) right here in my office. I figured I needed to get some 'stuff' done as I didn't feel it was going to be a riviting night.

One question - are the only people that attend are first timers? Geez Louise - it seemed that the only folks the CPTV guys could find to interview were first timers.

Last night I watched as DNC paraded Obama's family out to show the world. They seem like a very nice family. To get a kick - read my brother's blog. So we got to see Michele and her brother and sister, and of course, momma was in the audience. Why didn't they have momma speak? Their two children are just darling. Put a kid in the picture and they steal the show.

Don't forget Sen. Clinton did get up there too. If she doesn't get her supporters to turn to Obama's team, then there will be McCain in the White House!

What was probably a highlight for me was the "tribute" given to Sen. Kennedy. He is truly an icon to our Senate and has had his fingers in so much of the legislation that has passed over the years that has shaped many of our social lifestyles. With all that he has gone through, especially recently with his health issues, it was exciting to see him take the podium. My brother will tell you about the "scripted" night, yet I still get chills when I hear him speak. BTW - Carolyn looked lovely.

If you are not watching, you probably can get reruns on cable in the middle of the night between Monk and Ron Popeil supermercials. This year - I'm not expecting anything to come out of these conventions. Of course the media and political analysts will begin the score card.... so....... yawn.

So a very scripted first night - yawn

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Stars

There is this site that I visit most days. It allows me to get new screen backdrops and to wonder who is really looking at us. Astronomy Picture of the Day

It would be too much to think we are the brightest - take a feast at this pictures of what is out there waiting for us to discover.

Last night was so unbelievably clear - I just can stand and say wow. When I was little my dad and I made a 6" refactor lens. I moved it with me to my new home. Hopefully I'll have a little more time and possibly be able to get the pieces to finish the scope.

Looking out beyond your little back yard, to imagine "what if", to say "why", and to just think about the world as it stands. Sometimes we get caught up in such nonsenses, such little insignificant crappy stuff, we forget who we are and our purpose.

Get outside - it is truly a humbling experience and in my opinion - wakes up the inner you!

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The real estate Market

So the unit has been on the market - though I do pick the slowest two weeks to begin! There has been two actual showings. So far good feedback, they have liked it, 1st one like the privacy of the other unit and the 2nd one thought she smelled mold (must have a Peter nose).

1st rule - have a great property
2nd rule - have it priced right
3rd rule - have patience

First two rules - okey dokey

Now you are talking the 3rd rule. For a person that needs to make decisions at a snap most of the time, tic toc tic toc tic toc, this is a killer. I'll check my email way too often, how much Frebreeze can I spray around, re-set the blinds, a/c, make sure the dust isn't piled up.
Go ahead and laugh at that one. A former boyfriend used to make fun of me because I did not religiously dust each week! To make his point, he'd write his name and other messages in the dust and wait to see how long it would take for me to notice it.

Now it is just a waiting game. After this next week I should, hope, see inquries pick up.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

TA DA .... It looks beautiful!

Hello all, I know it's been a while though in keeping up with business, new home, family stuff, old home, I can get bushed by the end of the day.

Friday - I signed to have the Woodsedge Unit sold, yesterday were the pictures and hopefully later today it will be live on the MLS.

When you enter my home, you are met with the Irish Claddagh. The grouping in the circle shows that they are all connected. the hands for friendship, the heart for love, and the crown for loyality all that resides within.

First - thank yous to all that have assisted in this move, Jules, the ever Helpful One who packed, cleaned, and offered advice and thought in advance; Tom, great neighbor and use of his Volvo station wagon and aero bed, Joe, thanks for the use of the aero bed and being a great neighbor - hug Normar for me; Lee, a friend and my agent; Fred, on moving day to assist with the take down of the wall; moving company, three great guys that will be back once again to move all the furniture out; Christine, the wonderful stager you'll see her work below; brother Mike, for the tools; parents for just being there; and yes I may have missed someone along the way - so tell me!

Here's some pics of the finished tour - it's so lovely - maybe I could use it as a get away? LOL!

Let folks know it is FOR SALE!!

Welcome - entering the unit, and entering the kitchen - great one to work in

This kitchen has been a dream, then a goal, and now is present. An absolute joy to work in. It was all the details that made it special - let's see what the 'showings' say!

When I had it done - professionally installed yet I was the GC on the job. Attention to all the details so that it was exactly to plan and by goodness it was just that.

I had won a take home chef meal. He was impressed with it and made me such a wonderful meal. I guess I'll had to have him for a farwell dinner.

I took lots of these pics, though I'll spare you. If you want to buy it, CONTACT ME!!

The stained glass windows were hand made for this kitchen - by CRP. make note - need a better picture

After you prepare a great meal , you can dine in a lovely area and then there is also the al fresco space

This is lovely place where I spent lots of time enjoying reading and visits by my human and feathred friends; the bird feeder is missing as the stager didn't want to have it messy out there. Uncle Bob - yes those are those patio chairs!

Moving back inside....

The area rug that you can see is the one I made (note another better picture needed)

That back wall had my entertainment center on it. So someone with a "big tv" has no problem to put it there!

My little "spa", arched shower curtain rod, plenty of counter space, amazing size of cabinet and drawers and storage for a little 5 x 8 space, and those lights are on a dimmer to make it just so :)

I'll miss this space as my new place has two and a half baths with no style at all.

After freshing up - you may retire to either of the two bedrooms.

The first one had been my office. A great space with lots of light. It looks enormous without the office in it!

Great light, great views into the woods

That rhody outside the window is just lovely when it blooms!

Now the second, I used as my master bedroom it was a cozy room with a great feature - read on......

So what's behind that door # 1?

Remember - storage should be pleasurable - not that I had lots of stuff - I'm not a stuff person... so to make it all pretty and there is somthing to be said for 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.... if the kitchen or the bath didn't do it for for door @#1.....

Its the walk-in closet--
Its the cedar lined walk-in closet--
Its the built in, cedar lined, walk in closet-
I'm proud of this one - I built it myself, and has laminate flooring installed by yours truly!

Thanks for stopping by - leave me a note! Tell your Friends Family and assorted other Folks in your life............... It's for SALE!!!