Thursday, July 19, 2018

Extravaganza - 37th Year

Kick off the 37th Extravaganza was last night.  I have been volunteering for NCTV, Newington Community TV to host this show,  making this 
my fifth year.

It is a great event.  It began last night with helicopter rides, the carnival, ice cream sundaes tie dye tee shirts, and a great band!

We have to be thankful as the weather last night was perfect and the citizens came out for the evening's festivities.  We were able to get some video of the folks waiting for their ride on the helicopters, we saw the carnival, listen to the band, missed the ice cream, and watched the kids make their tie dyed tee shirts.

It is so much fun to interview the kids that come to visit.  They get excited that they may be on TV.  The P&R staff are thankful that we cover the event as capture the fun and stories of what makes this event so memorable.

At the end of the event, Sandy and I, got our ride in the helicopter.  The end of the day ride, in my opinion, is the best.  There it was, the sun setting on the horizon and painting the sky.  What a lovely way to end the day.  

Feeling very fortunate...

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Goodbye and Hello, the waves

"There is a goodbye in every hello, just as there is an end in every beginning. 

We all know that our inevitable finale is to leave this world, and hopefully we made an impact in this world and will leave it a better place. 

Yet, despite of death being a part of the cycle of life, still, it never fails to tear a hole in our heart whenever we lose someone we love. 

It’s just one of the hardest things humans have to go through — to grieve a departed loved one.".....
read the article here

I found this article to be helpful and hopeful in the same breath.   Beautifully written with so many contributors yet one man, wrote from the heart and from life. 

There isn't much I can add to this article right now.  I think I'll add some comments as time goes on.

Peace to all your hellos and goodbyes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Love Actually - the ending

One of my favorite movies ....  Love Actually

What would I do without you?

When it come down to it, should we need to be in an airport to show our love for our friends and family?  Try practicing it each day - a kind gesture is all that is needed.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Your Life Lessons - Yield

Yield  - to give way to arguments, demands, or pressure, give up the struggle, lay down one's arms, raise/show the white flag.

In life, we need to yield, occasionally.  From forest vs trees, to battles vs. wars - the decision in life is to decide which is best for you.  Sometimes there are so many choices.  Making no decision is your decision.  That is where we get stuck, where baggage forms, where so much time is used to accomplish nothing.  Or is that really true?  Does the world around you change enough that your inaction allowed you to make a better decision that could have been made?

Today it is lots of questions - today I am yielding in order to let some events happen and then one of my choices will have more information - then it will be easier.

How do you Yield?