Friday, January 23, 2015


Big Book Thread Ornaments
#53, #50, #40, #38
Here's some of the snowflakes I found that I had done earlier.  So lovely.  Yes Yes - I know I need to block them.  

This is the second set of four.  Now  the Countdown at  ----  >> 42 to go till this Thanksgiving.

Now that my cousin's event is complete for the next eight years, I can go back to paying attention to this challenge.  The house is back in order, though life keeps speeding at me.  I received notice from my brother in St. Louis that my niece/godchild will be singing at the regional a capella competition at Washington University.  I knew that was true as she texted me at the last moments of the birthday.  What subsequently happened is that she is doing a solo in this event!

Okay - I'm still futzing around with flights - and how to meet a deadline and still get out and back to St. Louis to see her perform.

Everyday is like a snow flake - not one is the same.............each day is unique.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Living My 60th Year

A solid week into my 60th year.  It was a big week, after my birthday - I hosted the Cousins Party this past weekend.  All cousins were present and accounted for except for my brother that lives in St. Louis.  I've a smaller place - so it is a bit packed in -  it was the way we began - a simple house party.   Once thing about a house party - you need to borrow items from people you know so that it works out well - extra crock pots, extra tables for staging in the garage, etc.  Mom supplied some of them and a chance to visit with her.  Here are the turkeys she's been going on about.  I couldn't get a better picture, they were a bit skittish - when they did parade by - there was 12 of them! 

I did the cooking and that was a joy except that my feet didn't care to be on them for the day and a half prep.  We enjoyed lots of stories that only family can tell, created more memories as usual.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  It wasn't a big overnight event - running off spending hundreds of dollars.  Somehow we got away from the simple get-togethers we did enjoy. It seemed that one was trying to out-do the last one.  Their was discussion of next year's event, not a gathering, ensued.  We shall see.  

The taping of stories wasn't as successful as I anticipated.  All of a sudden, they went quiet when the camera was turned on.  I'll have to rethink what I wanted to do.  They were all gone by 12:15am ouch - and I finish cleaning up and was finally horizontal by 2am!   What is left is to return borrowed items, last of the dishwasher runs, and pack the balance of extra dishes away.

The rest of my week was good.  Minimalism has paid off!  In the challenge, I needed to remove items from the kitchen that I wasn't using right now.  That really paid off with all the cooking I did for the party.  There are a couple of other cabinets I need to re-assess and complete over the next week or two.  The garage will get a look over again.  I hung up a old lace curtain over some of the shelving and it looked so much better.

Town meetings abound and will continue over the next several months.  Some are televised which means I could listen to them here. Others are not and will possibly need to attend in person - errrrr!

It's another week - 358 days to go.  All in all, a good week.

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


And I'm off on my challenge to make at least 50 snowflakes by Thanksgiving.  

With one a week, it should be easy enough.  I've found my pattern books and have copied with permission patterns from all over the world.

Love to read patterns in other languages - most of them - once you get the rhythm - it makes sense.  Of course if they have diagrammed their work - it is easier.  Not all patterns are written equally, there is the native language, if it is British or US terminology, it depends on when it was written, pre 1900 or now.  It is all about this challenge.

These need blocking. When I get another block to use for blocking and sufficient snowflakes made - I'll have a blocking party.

Hmmm  nice way to gather some fiber enthusiasts together and get the job done!

Top left - by Snowcatcher
Top right - Grandma Jennie's Pattern - by Kara
Bottom left - Lacy Snowflakes by Brenda S. Greer #30
Bottom right - White Christmas in Thread #8

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Living My 60th Year

Birthday Day was completed, hundreds of messages in various methods of delivery, text, phone, IM, FB, in person, around a conference table, email and by US mail.  From England and Australia to all over the US.  All wishing me a good day.  How blessed is that.  A few folks sent me a multiple messages of wishes throughout the day.  

I generally attempt to keep up with thanking each person for their kindness and leave them a message.  It can be challenging at certain times of the day, though by the end of the day I was caught up.

The CountDown counter was updated for my next birthday - at a glance it seems so far away.  We know in a flash that months will disappear and it will be just around the corner again.

My observations - we all need to slow down just a wee bit. The quicker we can dash off a message - life is truly rushing by.  That is why I  engage each individual with a thank you for their birthday message to me.  I received pictures, songs, a dancing e-card that the senders' faces were imposed over the dancing fools on the card.  There were private messages - nice to get one from a school mate that shares the day with me.  First time I noticed he was actually the oldest in the class!  There was a lovely private FB/IM from a gentleman I met this past summer in the campaign to save our park. It was a gentle message, so kind and ended in in a kick to save our park yet once again!

Several folks hopped over to read my blog post for my birthday. That was a bonus!  Extra reads :)  Thank you extra for stopping by!

The nieces and nephews in the picture did remember their Aunt Patty.  I spoke with two of my nephews - the little guy #3 wants to come up for a visit during his April break.  He actually got out the calendar and let me know just when.  I need to figure out how I can complete tax season - breathe and have him stay with me for a few days. LOL  Aunt Patty can do anything!   He was so excited, "Aunt Patty I have to tell you something really important."  okay I was all ears. "Aunt Patty - I can get the software I was saving for (has to do with computer gaming) with the $25 you gave for Christmas!"

It was tooo funny!  He was so excited and it was great he wanted to share it with me. Nephew #2 was telling me about how his shoulder was healing and getting ready for his midterm tests.  Niece #5 called - though when I returned her call I missed her and hopefully we can chat later.  Then niece #1 and #3 called and left message that I haven't been able to retrieve.  I called them both back and left messages  - I'm sure they were out celebrating my birthday!  And rounding out - nephew #1 texted me from school this morning (ahem??) and niece #2 texted me very very late at night.

All in All - a day I was thankful for.  I'll leave you with the sentiment written on a card that was sent the old fashion way......

Here's to a year of cathching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.