Saturday, December 20, 2008

......... a decade's events

..... one decade ago, Where were you? Can you remember what you were doing December 1998?

This time of year, I generally feel like reminising to prior memories, some to laugh at , some to cry at, and all those emotions inbetween, the two bookends of life. Taking time to reflect, to be thankful for all that was given to you, for those people that have crossed your path and stayed and for those who are now gone. Have you taken the time to say thank you to yourself? Have you taken the time to feel thankful for all that you have had?

Over the next several days..... I'll reminise, and remember right here.

Ten years ago I had just started my firm. Only a couple of months old, getting a computer, and assorted office machines; then building my desk; the cleaning out of the second bedroom for the office. Wow... lots has happened between then and now. It's hard to believe that so much time has gone by.

Ten years ago my oldest niece was only six and I only had six nieces & nephews. Clinton was President and heading for impeachment; the Dow Jones was hovering about 9,000 pts - we were in a bull market; Star Wars 1 was going to be released some time soon, there were 14 named hurricans - most memorible was Mitch who caused more than 9000 deaths in Central America ending in Florida.......... take a deep breath.....

... stop by and read along --- thank you to all that have stopped by.......... Happy Holidays...... Merry Christmas............ see you with a few more memories

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kissing balls

I hung more than 10 French Kissing Balls as part of my holiday decorations this year. A little bit of research lead me to understand that the beginnings of it all; as far back to the Druids. It continued to evolve in England to what we more commonly know it as today.

If you care considering making a kissing ball - I found this receipe that was quite interesting " It chose herbs that had meaning to the Victorians. This kissing ball expresses a desire for a happy home life in the year to come: sage for domestic virtues, long life, and good health; rosemary for loyalty and fidelity; lemon geranium for gentility; boxwood for constancy in love and stoicism in the face of whatever cannot be changed; oregano thyme for happy activities, courage, and thrift; lavender for devotion, loyalty, luck, acknowledgment, and constant personal attention ; and anise hyssop for homely virtues and cleanliness.

Merry Christmas ......... to all and to all good night

Happy Birthday Denise

..... Happy Birthday to You ......

Happy Birthday to You......... May you enjoy YOUR day ----- and not be the one cooking! Have the Gang take you out for GF pancakes!

What a linking of events..... believing that my decision to come back to Central to finish my degree would have had my brother make his college decision to also attend this fine institution! Then he meeting you - we got the best of that one! Now some two decades later..... you are still with us! Since you are the one generally behind the camera - that meant I had to look far and near to find a couple of pictures to celebrate you.

May this year be filled with lots off good wishes - We have all been blessed to have you join our family. How many moves, from CT (the tempy CT home) to PA and now in MO - pretty good, and you have always been a gracious hostess.

Keeping the kids' schedules is a monumental effort - I did get a taste of it for a few days, though you had most of the bases covered. Who goes where, when and with who.... quite the logistics director. Besides that, you have been quite instrumental in bringing up four beautiful children.

So now on to more adventures - though it will take some creativity to top the "H.O.W. 2008 Summer Tour", I'm sure you have some ideas up your sleeve.

Know you are blessed,,,,, know you are loved by many.......... and most of all....... love each day..... Happy Birthday.

Patty, alias the imported sitter!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

$24.63 vs. $48.94 --------- 14 gallons???

Wow - I had to filler-up again. I so dislike the chore of pumping my own gas. I'd love to find a station that had an attendant that would pump my gas, clean the windshield, and check the oil. To reminisce for those days.

So - there I am, lucky for me I'm in an off hour to buy gas at the local station on the Pike. It's the best price around unless you are near MA- less tax there! So I'm holding the gas nozzel and it begins to flow into the tank. I'm looking around, sometimes I count to pass the time as the $$'s and gallons increase. To my surpise, the tank shuts off and I look at the $$'s and it is only $24.63 - for a moment I'm confused. What is wrong, did I hold the nozzel in an off angle so it shuts off? Did the station run out of gas? Nope to both of them. Now, mind you it was $48.94 this past summer for the same tank of gas.

My accountant brain begins to compute..... based on gross profit, geez, where are they/we buying this oil from? Is it on sale? Who's funding the difference between the two prices? I don't know but I'm seeing really funny accounting going on!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tis the Season - the first tree

Christmas is an amazing time of year, though I feel so many get lost in the time coming up on the holiday. The shopping list, the shopping, wrapping presents, decorating, meal preparation, baking and cooking. It seems like a never ending list of tasks, chores, and assorted things to do.

This will be my first Christmas in my new home. I decorated ad completed my white tree. It's not traditional in any sense of the word. It's a pre-lite tree with white lights and generally just branches. It allows for the display of my crystal ornament collection. Two of the collections have to do with the 12 Days of Christmas, and assorted other ornaments - just one theme - all clear crystal. The garland is one that I made, with irredescent beads crocheted. I added some white, gold, and silver doves, and the same with some pearls. I have also added some Victorian icicles - all made a tin and help catch the light. Lest not forget some hand dipped candles I made at the Yankee Candle shop on one of my retreats to NH

So I deciced to get this tree completed early. Now I can enjoy the tree - it looks so wonderful in my new home.

Of course now this tree is complete - on to my grand stairway. At least my entrance way will be decorated. White poinsettia line the railing with french kissing balls(more on this later).

The wreaths are still awaiting my next trip to the craft store for additional hooks to hang them up and possibly more garland.

Dining has be updated with a few little trinkets and there is an elegant look.
LOL it is so nice to have my table and chairs at my place !! It really looks nice with the lights off!
If you are out there, leave a note, Tis the season - wishing you and yours some time to enjoy the upcoming holiday....... just a day at a time!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Yelof Spa 3rd day

Today was no different, though I awoke before Seamus. We had our breakfast and the special orange juice. Then I had to get the tree out, my white tree. So before most folks were moving, we were decorating my tree. It's a special tree. Some may call it a psuedo Charlie Brown tree, but it is the only tree that can handle my collection of ornaments.

Seamus was on a mission, he kept on putting up the ornaments faster than I can unwrap them! Then we made wreaths - five of them. They actuall came out pretty dang good. The day before he and I went to the craft store to the those 'picks' to make the wreaths.
He was such a helper in the store and I got my errands done pretty quickly with him in tow.
And that book you see him holding - well that's one of the books we took out of the Library. He was so excited and while it is above his level, he read the words he knew and I read the other words. Before long and just before I dropped him off at his home, he was reading the first page - was he proud of himself? You bet! Let's say - we had a great time.
Reservations are made for the winter when he said he could come over and stay three nights and then this summer he's coming for a week :) Make you reservations now, the calendar is filling up!

Spa YELOF! night 1, day 1 and 2

Over Thanksgiving weekend I had a new guest to the "Aunt Patty" spa. My nephew Seamus came to stay with me, as he said it "for two nights and three days"! He was so excited, me too. This would be his first stay alone , not having to share the "AP" with siblings. He's a great little guy, talks a non-stop streak, asks a million questions, has an opinion on everything, and mind you he does it all at six years old. Mind me, he'll be seven in about seven weeks!

I got him settled in, and by morning, (I awoke a bit late) and he was sitting in bed, dressed, and wanting to know if we would be leaving for the Lucy Robbins Welles Library yet? It was about 8am! We had special orange juice, got ready to do the errands for the day, and before you know it, it was time to have lunch. We had a repeat visit to Steve's for lunch. He's was counting on a hamburger once again. Then off to the Library and we got to see "Kung-Fu Panda" showing. Great little movie if you haven't seen it yet.

The time was drawing near, we played leggos, trains, and got books before leaving to get dressed for Santa's arrival and the turning on the lights. This was the 45th year of the Festival of Lights in Hartford. After a bunch of people say their bit about the event, the choir sing, and then there was an interpretive dance number. One special nephew was getting impatient, lol, I was also getting a bit bored. Where is Santa? Without further a do, and with a bit of fan fare, Santa rose up with smoke and fireworks out of a box on stage. Long are gone the days of him flying in in a helicopter and coming down the side of a building on a window washer dressed like a sleigh. Of course Santa's is a techie and has the remote control - and voila.................. the button is pushed and we have ................lights!!! It is truly amazing to watch the city come alive, in the midst of thousands of people, singing carols, and all of us believing in the season. It is truly a moving moment - yes there is still the magic of Christmas.

The rest of the night was quiet, we read, made spagets and meatballs, and watch part of a movie before we headed off to bed.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica

Hi Jessica,
Today - I wish you a Happy Birthday - the best birthday yet. My recent visit only confirms how absolutely wonderfully you are growing up to be an outstanding young woman.

Your parents called you their little Buddha, you liked to watch the symphony at three years old, actually being three also gave you your first opportunity to drive the family mini van even if it was only in the garage! Then you drove at a later date, it was a tough day - glad you don't want a red car and prefer a truck! Your muscial talent is great, your voice, so lovely! Good Luck in the upcoming concert!

You were my inspiration to begin my crocheting once again - just in time for your 1st Christmas I was able to make for you my first baby blanket. Since then an original scarf, a poncho and I am now completing your blanket of your choice.

On our visit, you help remind me of the challenges you are faced with at school. While it is decades later, there are differences, like the songs on the top of the charts, politics, fashion trends. Though I may not have the answers for all of them today.... I will tell you to follow your heart and head - you have excellent ones. Remember we learn from all those who cross our paths, and I'll always be in your corner and available to you whenever you want.

So my dearest niece, my special godchild, Congratulations on your birthday 2008! May this coming year bring you lots of successes, fun, happiness, and that you continue to dream.
Love you............ Aunt Patty