Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Living My 60th Year - A Step Forward and Giving Thanks

It was a great week... some changes and some fun.

This picture - I was impressed how it came out.  The storm clouds were rushing in as it blocked out the sun.  I was driving and finally found a place I could pull over and take this picture - with my phone.  It was truly impressive how mother nature painted the sky.  The storm that came later, did just that came and went.

I had a nice surprise to attend my niece's fashion show that her class and all the classes at her high school puts on at the end of school term.  It was fun.  Very interesting how the same pattern was used by many students, yet the students chose  different fabrics and colors.  As long as she is interested in fashion and design, I'll be going to three more of these annual events!

Saturday was our Memorial Day Parade and I volunteered with the local community TV station to help video tape it.  It's an early crew call, 7 am,  to get it all set-up to begin filming at 11am.  It was a grand day, lots of folks coming out to honor those military men and women that have  given so much to our country and it's freedom.

In between all of this was the GARDEN - got to get it in.  Pam and I got the new plot - just squash - all finished!  Yeah!!   Green and yellow summer squash and some winter squashes - acorn, butternut and spaghetti.  Then we were back to the prior two plots - we are rotating the planting between the two plots.  Got about one half planted between the two.  

We are still missing a couple of solutions as to how to trellis up the peas and cucumbers and mulch to keep the weeds back.   I've done more research - should pan out this week!  Our seedlings didn't do so well, so we are out buying plants to take care of getting the garden underway.  I'm a bit disappointed, this too shall pass.  

Work was a little slow in the garden on Monday as the temperature and humidity rose.  Even with #30 sunscreen, I got really red and felt pretty sick.  Maybe I need a new tube of the stuff - ya think?

I expect to plant a little more each day for this coming week.  Pam is reworking the plan some more so that we can get them all in by the weekend - That's the plan!

Back on the home front, I've been all over the place - scattered - and not getting anything accomplished.  It's beginning to make me crazy. I finished resigning last week from the executive board of a group I was involved.  Nice to remove all the 'stuff' from my place.  Now I need to reclaim that time for me.  

I made up a list for my home....  floor by floor and space by space.  It's not a perfect plan - yet it is a plan with sufficient flexibility that should allow me to get going.   I bet there are even more items that didn't make this draft.  That is why they call them drafts!  When it is done - I expect to see the "list" empty!   I even begun a "what I have done" page in my notebook.  Helping me see progress.

Another week - it is coming together - slowly - I know, I know, it didn't happen overnight, so give me some slack!

Enjoy!  Remember to give your service people a nod of thanks!

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Living My 60th Year publish -- Thankless Work

Thought I was done - almost!   I resigned last Thursday night; all eight executive board members were present and one member (a wife).  The executive team just sat there - not one word, not a question, nothing.  Not one person even said thank you.  

Resigning for me is very difficult because it cuts across why I volunteer.  

I was sad, feeling hurt and let down.  I spent the next day at a client and then with my farm partner for an early dinner and did some planning for our garden.  We had scheduled this date a couple of weeks ago.  I was so glad to have this distraction, a kind ear and a voice of reason to just listen to.
After we were done, I stopped out to visit with a few friends that were gathering in town.  That was when I was surprised that "they all knew about my resignation and NOW there are all the rumors?".

Unbeknownst to me, it was "leaked out" as one person said.  I didn't realize what big news that was and why couldn't the news be announced at the meeting we are having with all the members that was a week away?

Ok - this is drama and sounds like six graders on a playground!  You can't make this stuff up - time to begin to write the TV series.  This is childish and totally unprofessional.

One of the group I met up with Friday night , asked what was up.  I explained that I needed time for me and that I could not give time to the group any longer right now.  It doesn't mean I could not help out, I need time for me, now.  As I said ".... but not one person asked me why..."; I thought it prudent that I resign now as I would not be able to do my usual 110% job.  

It continues......  a couple hours later, the "news" was blasted on FaceBook on one of the pages I was a member and then I was locked out of the page by the Admin.  This has happened before because she didn't like that I agreed with a statement said.  I couldn't even remember and she took a week before she apologized for the behaviour.

My phone and computer began lighting up like holiday decorations.  The person that put it up was NOT at the meeting on Thursday night - so how did the information get out?  People sent me screen shots of the entry.  Let's say it is not a popular entry.  My phone/computer continue to ring throughout Saturday.   I met with several key folks on Saturday night at a graduation gathering for a friend here in Town.  I told them the same thing you read above.

The drama is not over.  Actually I've had time to reflect, who said hindsight is 20/20 was so correct.  For their irresponsibility, if I was spiteful, I say they will be getting what they deserve.  I'm not spiteful, and I would hope that it will be a lesson, learn it now or they will be dealing with internal drama and not meeting their mission!

So back to me feeling thanklessness.  When you decide to volunteer there are changes that happen to a person mentally and physically.  There is hope, optimism, passion, and a sense that your contribution will help the organization.  Personally, I don't expect much in return.  I do volunteer as I see the bigger picture and how that organization will help the community around us.  I do volunteer because I was brought up to give back to the community.

In a blog by Todd Henry - quoting "...... So much of what we do as creative is thankless. It’s process. It’s iteration. It’s cranking away with the hopes that the finished work will vindicate us (no emergencies needed). But no one sees the internal turmoil, the questioning or the little choices we make that cost us something. We make these choices because we love our craft, not because of recognition.  When we choose a path of contribution, it often means a choice to forgo recognition for our work. Commitment to excellence means doing things right even when it may never be seen by another living soul. "

Today is a new day.  I am even more committed to my decision to resign.  Nice opportunity - thanks for that, I'm on my way to better opportunities.

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Living my 60th Year - Clearing the Decks!

A good week - finding the time to complete items that will no longer have to deal with... is such a good feeling.

It has lifted burdens and silenced self-talk that can happen - heck we are human, aren't we.  That action allows for the new to spring up... those activities that give you pleasure.

This is the lavender I planted last fall.  After uncovering it from 3 ft of snow and all the leaves packed around it - it is coming back!   I've taken off the expended woody portions and I think I'll be enjoying the scent all summer long.

My friend, Terry, finished up her visit here in CT with spending the last day and half with me.  We found some time to just converse, looked up better directions to get her back to Georgia (yes she drove up here).   We watched a movie - The Kings Speech on HoopLa which I could down load from the Library!

 We took off  to the fabric store to find some cotton to make a liner for my new basket.  That was great - a violet remnant - almost a yard for about a $1!  Then she helped me find some fabric to make fabric yarn that will go into making a crocheted basket.  The one in the center is the inspiration colors and the two other will compliment the inspiration.  

We took in the last day of the Friends of the Library book sale and I found some baby books for the gift basket I'll be making.   Of course I found a book or two for me :)  Can't help myself when it is $6 / bag and you get a reusable bag.

I started the baby blanket from a pattern I found.  A few adjustments to the pattern to compensate for the type of yarn ---- and with the stash yarn I've had forEVER - Viola!   It works up pretty quickly with changing colors just about every row.  It will be about 34" wide before the fringe and about 40ish" long depending on the repeats.  What is really amazing ....  this is a big hole in the stash closet!  

Kitchen cabinets are finally done - a minimalist task I started is now complete.  My goodness when I take out unused items, there is much more room and I can see what is there.   Partial set of dishes, additional vases, and more duplicates of items that I'm wondering ... why, why, why?

By the way -- I found that the Sr Center here in town has a consignment shop.  So I may be able to turn a few of these treasurers into a couple of bucks for more yarn or thread?

Stay tuned for more Clearing the Decks.......  it is not just the stuff in your life.... it is what you are doing each day!   Permission to board Matey, and full steam ahead.

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Minimalism - April

April was not my month to minimize!  That's okay.  Sometimes life get's in the way.  More items were moved to the garage and out of  nooks and crannies.   

I did so some mental exercises as what to do.  What I did arrange to help the load was to have the housekeeper come the day after tax season!  Yippie!!  While I couldn't appreciate the cleaning in the same way (too tired) I made some headway in clearing way more 'junk/stuff' that has somehow accumulated in my place.   

With house guest arriving for the 2nd half of April, the studio needed to get back to being a guest room.  

I've been ruthless in the office, i.e.cleaning out old books, donated or trashed.  Opening old files and scanning and/or trashing the contents.  While not too exciting, there is space being created!

Didn't do much more in the kitchen for the month of April - I did maintain and that is good.

So see ya next month!  It will be a surprising month for me - energy is rising, spring in the air and moving on.

No progress for April --  stay tuned!
Day 21 - kitchen cabinets - only the necessities  - Take one cabinet/drawer a day
0.  Cabinet to the right of microwave -----  December
1.  cabinet left of microwave
2.  drawer below #1 January
3.  Drawer below #2 January
4.  Drawer below #3 January
5.  drawer to right of stove January
6. cabinet below #5 - March
7.  drawer on left side of island  February
8.  cabinet below #7 February
9.  drawer on right side of island- March
10.  cabinet below #9 February
11.  cabinet above to the left of sink
12.  cabinet above sink
13.  cabinet above to right of sink
14.  Pantry closet /February
15.  storage in garage.
16.  storage cube in dining room
17.  Cabinet in dinning room January
18.  Cabinet Below sink!!  - March

Monday, May 4, 2015

Living My 60th Year - spring has arrived!

A week has past - once again filled to the brim.  

These little beauties were a surprise.  I forgot that I planted these in the front garden.  When they popped their heads out a few weeks ago... I asked my neighbor, whom I  share this garden with, and she didn't know.  As the blooms opened I had an ah ha moment.  I was given these daffodils  in a small container a year ago February and last fall I must have dumped them in the front garden.  What a welcome sight each morning when I go out to fetch the newspaper.

I've had a house guest for the entire past week.  Though I didn't need to much, she was in and out visiting many friends and used my place as her jumping off point.  We have had bits and pieces of time together.  That's been nice.  It has kept the common spaces well organized and a bonus was clearing off the back deck of the winter grim to be able to sit outside!  

My work week was okay, actually completed items and my desk remains okay.  My efforts to schedule in-house work was a bit ambitious.  I did complete quite a bit, though not as much as I thought I would.  Have you done that?  This week is pretty open and I have lots to complete.  

Over the weekend was the Friends of the Library BookSale.   I restrained myself as I need to cull my own collection of books and donate them back to the Friends.  I did pick up a book on paintstiks that you use to draw/paint on fabric and of course a crochet book.  We went on Sunday for the 'bag of book' part of the sale and I filled a bag with some books I'll use as an inspiration for a basket I will donate in the fall for a silent auction at CCSU's Library event.  I will be making a baby blanket - easy and quick - found a quick pattern and the yarn has been around way to long!  Add a few books and baby items to make it a great basket for a baby gift.  

She also helped me pick out some fabric to make a "cloth yarn" that I will use to crochet a basket.  I saw a pattern and didn't have any supplies in the studio.  I also picked out fabric from the store's remnant basket to make a draw string liner for my new basket.   

Here's to the spring blooms ---  take time out-of-doors and breath in the freshness of the season.
Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.