Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Library Budget and my 2 Cents!

About a month ago, our town began it's annual budget process.  The Town Manager gives his budget, then a public hearing, then the Town Council gives their budget, and a public hearing - then hocus pocus - we get a budget and a mill rate.

The first public hearing was on March 15, 2010.  The word got out in advance that the Library had to cut their budget by $28,000 and with a bit of give and take ended up with a proposal to close the library during the summer months on weekends and eliminate all Sundays during the year.  That is just wrong!

The Friends of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library went into action.  They met with patrons and residents for the few days before the hearing. On that night - over 50 individuals showed up, 18 spoke onbehalf of the Library. 

To see the public hearing - and your's truly at 14:45 on the time line, go to our public TV Station  -   http://www.nctv.org/ - look here - on the left column click on "OnLine Video" then scroll down to Archives and select the Newington Town Council Public Hearing March 15, 2010.

We may know in a day or two if the $$'s are restored!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turn off the News

What would happen if you turned off the news for two weeks?  You could get to bed a 30-60 minutes earlier, you could get out and take a walk, you could take the time to enjoy your family, lower your blood pressure?

Interesting thought and it has come up in several conversations I have had recently.  I can hear "I won't know what is going on" as a sample statement.  Yet really, is it necessary to hear the news as it is delivered today?  What is called news now, feels more like commentary and opinion other than 'just the facts man'.  Since I value time, I often look at an activity to see how it adds to my life.  If the activity doesn't add a positive flair, then I look to remove it from my life.

Our news is generally negative, and if you are watching the 'news stations', the same negative news is repeated several times an hour.  Can you sit back and see what this news can do to your psyche?  I say, we would recover from this recession if we all turned off the news and got back doing business.  We would all benefit.

So can you take a break from the news?  Can you be more particular of the time you give to the news hawkers today?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dear Miss Grace Groner,

While I hadn't had the privilege to know you during your century of life, I wish to say thank you for the most generous gift you made to Lake Forest College. 

You have given your love, excitement, wonderment, and most of all, Hope, in a time where our country and our citizens have been seeing too much bleak news.  This Hope is for the future students that will benefit from your foundation and your generosity.  This Hope is for the future leaders of our towns, cities, states, and country.   This Hope is a most wonderful lesson that needs to be learned by everyone alive today.

So Miss Grace, your star will shine down upon many.  Thank you.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Back once again

Hello once again!  I've missed all of your and especially writting my blog.  There has just been a storm of events since the holidays.   My parents have had more than their fair share of illnesses that they will be recovering from for the next several months.  Living about an hour away from them doesn't give me much leverage to get down to take care of their items.  There was grocery shopping, mail, bills, and visiting while I would get down there.  Mind you in the most busiest time of my business year !  Of course there was keeping track of their daily activities, coordinating with family members and extended family and friends of theirs.  Of course there is the matter of dealing with hospitals, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, insurance naysayers, nursing homes, in home health aids, over government medicare and that is just a few of the players in the last eight weeks.

Today begins a new chapter in this challenging time.  Mom arrived back home about two weeks ago.  Dad arrived back yesterday.  Both of them are challenged with their health and their respecitive health care therapists arriving to care for them.

With all that, Mom and Dad are back home.  Just a note, thanks to Patricia, their health aide.  She really assisted in a time that was very trying for all of us.  Welcome aboard to Maggie who is the weekend aide.  Her help to get the home ready for Mom's return was just amazing.