Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hints of Spring

The sun is just about setting and it's 6:30! While spring offically came several weeks ago, we haven't experienced much weather to coordinate with the calendar. Though in only a few weeks, we will be seeing these wonderful bulbs come and bloom.
These little purple ones are in my mom's bulb garden and bloom to no end. I'm sure by now they must be all up! She has a bulb garden that is the length of the side of the house with so many different bulbs. It is amazing!

Next the daffs will be coming up - an amazing array of yellows and whites, and even some with tints of red! There is a special Daffodil Festival in Meriden - Mark your calendar for April 25 & 26! There will be some 600,001 daffs present!

One of my favorites, (LOL they are all my favorites) are the hyacinths - their aroma is wonderful. As you'd walk past them in the early morning, their scent reachs out to help awaken you to the new day

What would be Easter without the Easter Lilly?

Spring is just an amazing time with so many beautiful gifts from nature. It's Mother's Natures way of awakening the senses.
If you haven't ventured out yet.... I urge you to get outside, pick up some of the left overs from winter and prepare yourself for the gifts of spring

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