Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Turn off the News

What would happen if you turned off the news for two weeks?  You could get to bed a 30-60 minutes earlier, you could get out and take a walk, you could take the time to enjoy your family, lower your blood pressure?

Interesting thought and it has come up in several conversations I have had recently.  I can hear "I won't know what is going on" as a sample statement.  Yet really, is it necessary to hear the news as it is delivered today?  What is called news now, feels more like commentary and opinion other than 'just the facts man'.  Since I value time, I often look at an activity to see how it adds to my life.  If the activity doesn't add a positive flair, then I look to remove it from my life.

Our news is generally negative, and if you are watching the 'news stations', the same negative news is repeated several times an hour.  Can you sit back and see what this news can do to your psyche?  I say, we would recover from this recession if we all turned off the news and got back doing business.  We would all benefit.

So can you take a break from the news?  Can you be more particular of the time you give to the news hawkers today?

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