Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be good to yourself - The Greatest Present

The new year is here and many of us around the country have experienced the longest and snowest winter on record!

I'm not one to make resolutions per se, I will, on the other hand, find and create and improve on different behaviors that will bring peace and joy to my life.

I call it the "be good to yourself" mantra.  This isn't permission to be selfish, rude to others, greedy and unkind.  It is permission to do small gestures for yourself that will make the day easier, brighter, and enjoyable even if mother nature delivers another foot of snow.

So what have I done?
  • I purchased new hangers (those slim ones) and my Santas gave me more.  So I have emptied part of the closet and put up the new ones.  The closet looks great, the clothes, now cleared out of old ones, are organized.
  • Each week I have cleared out another corner (not more than an hours worth of time) of items.   Now there is a box by the door in the garage that I have placed items in to be given away.
  • When I finish my coffee, I set up the pot to be ready to go for the next morning.  Just that little effort gives me a couple of minutes extra to enjoy the early hours before life steps in.
  • I put off doing my mail to three times a week - less distraction and more efficient over all.
  • Keep to my daily/weekly list of chores and find that a few minutes here and there leaves no major chores to do on the weekend.
  • Read something inspirational for me each day. I can be an avid reader yet this time of year with my work schedule in high gear, I often times forget to take a couple of minutes.
  • Sit by the fireplace for 20 minutes and relax in quiet.
So what do you do "to be good to yourself"?  Take a moment, think about small gestures that will make your day an even better day.  Wishing you the best each day, live today, life starts now!

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