Sunday, September 18, 2016

Where did the time go?

It's about four months into "my eight month year".  I've been looking at my calendar and wonder what the heck have I done?

It seems I've been running from one thing or event to another.  Lack of focus some folks would say.  I'd have to agree with them.

Yesterday was my monthly meeting with my mastermind group.  I have been involved with this group since 2001!

Basic premise is that you are to share your successes, challenges from the prior meeting and set your goals for the next meeting.  You are accountable to the group.

I've noticed that I have not been living up to my "goals".  Yes, I have enjoyed successes and dealt/dealing with my sets of challenges.  It just seems to me that I haven't been living up to my goals I set each month.  As for the goals from last month,  somehow they evolved or got on the back burner.

That's all for now....  more excitement is coming.

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