Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camp Aunt Patty is Open!!!

It’s going to be a great summer with lots of activities and you are invited to join in! This is far from a completed list, yet it can give you the idea that there is NO EXCUSE for a poor summer vacation.

Grand Opening of the new Connecticut Science Center will be opening next month! This has been a long awaited event, with hands-on, minds-on interactive experiences.

The two aquariums – Mystic & Norwalk have so much to see – there’s the northern fur seal and steller sea lions,Polly one of the harbor seals, 3D films, FROGS, and lots and lots to see – there may even been penquins in the near future!

Of course there is time to track around the two different parks , the Dinosaur State Park–the Dinosaur Place hmmm those large creatures walked the grounds all around Connecticut.

How about a ferry ride on the oldest ferry in the country? What about the 2nd oldest ferry? Take a ride on the oldest carousel? A visit to Gillette’s Castle. If you would like to try letterboxing , like an outdoor scavenger hunt, – I’m up to it!

We can go to the UConn animal barns – see the beef cows, sheep and horses – and if we plan it right, see the dairy calves. Of course after such a trip, we will have to try the ice cream that is made fresh from those very same cows.

Have you ever road the Trolleys here? Probably not, yet all is not lost as we can get at ride: Start at the Tolley Museum at the Shore Line Trolley Museum in East Haven or what about the Steam Train ? Did you ever take a river boat cruise on the CT River?

Into Poetry – then the sunken garden poetry festival at the Hill-Stead in Farmington is world class – a wonderful night under the stars.

We can visit the homes of Harriet Beacher Stowe and Noah Webster, and a host of incredible notables that made Connecticut their home.

The history tour could take us to the Old State House, Sturbridge Village, the State Capital,
then of course some battle grounds that date back to the 1600's.

Then there are festivals upon festivals, blue grass, jazz, oysters, antique auto's, planes, and the plain old days of just being in New England. There are plays - notably Shakespear in the park, and lots of concerts! There are places to see and go that I haven't thought of yet. Got some ideas.... pass them along.

So Make your Reservation request now! Tick Toc Tick Toc! It's the summer 2009 - Lets make it a summer to remember. Check back for more ideas and of my own haunts around the State!


-Shellbell- said...

So Excited To See Everyone!
Hopefully The Foley's Will Be Able To See Your New Kitty!


Old Cable Guy said...

Since I like to eat....whattabout Franklin Ave Giant Grinder Shop!
or Luna's Pizza or gets some garlic knots and soup at Lenas on Park street.

Boy do I miss the joints in Hartford!

PattyCPA said...

Good Note - yes there is the breakfast / lunch / dinner tour.

The grinder shop is still open; Luna's moved to fancy WH center - yet still has some of the best pizza in town.

Lots of new places and the good ole regular ones.