Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She's Going to Stay

A month ago this past Tuesday, I adopted a sweet, but really scared, nine-year old cat. As with many of those in the shelter, she was found in an abandoned building during the dead of winter.

After my former cat passed away, I promised myself I'd get another companion once I didn't have to share the bath with the litter box. So now with the move, it was time. So during the spring I took a few visits up at the Connecticut Humane Society.
When I was ready, I spoke with a counselor to determine "who I am" and "who would be appropriate for me". There were plenty of questions, where I lived, would I declaw, did I own or rent, would I let the cat outside, do I know the cost of keeping a pet. So when that was completed, I just said give me your worse case, and "yes" an older cat would be just fine.
The first introduction was to Herman, yet he wasn't too interested. They then brought in Adios. She was a bit scared to say the least, yet got up enough nerve to allow me to pet her at arms length. The second visit was a bit better as she got in my lap. Still shedding to create another cat, she seemed to take a bit of a liking to me. The third and fourth visit were even better. I was doing some traveling so I didn't wish to take her home and I would have to leave. On Cinco de Mayo I brought her home.

Fast forward.... she doesn't hide in the hiddie box any longer, purrs and snores, loves to be brushed and will brush herself if you hold the brush, loves to have her belly petted and wishes to be close enough to touch you when sleeping, is doing the happy paws and will voice her opinion as she seems fit. Lastly, she has to groom me. I think she has "adopted" me!
I had to rename her, as the name from the shelter only made her ignore me. So it's KC. Has a ring to it and at least I'm getting an ear twichting when I use it. She's not that social yet, though I hope that some more time in a 'safe' place will let her come around. One queer thing - she won't walk in the vinyl floor in the kitchen. Hardwood, carpeting, and cement are fine - don't know what's up with that.
It's nice to have another living being in the household once again.

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