Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Surprise Visit....

Thanksgiving is now a fond memory in my life, glad to spend some time with my parents, UB, and later on with my brother Tim and his wife Sandy.  The Ffld crew flew in just in time to eat and for a little more time before flying out.  Of course not before giving a long list of gifts that they 'want' for Christmas.  Unfortunately, Seamus renegged on staying with me for the weekend!  He missed out on Santa Clause and all the great events I had planned.

I had a special surprise visit over the weekend with two great friends, Jim & Frank.  These guys lived next door to me in college and they are as much fun today as the time we enjoyed in college.  Jim and his wonderful wife, Rhonda, came in on Friday from Texas and left on Sunday, just for a baptism! 

Early on Saturday morning, Jim called to say he was in town.  A couple of calls and I met them and Frank (his wife was a little under the weather - get better Debbie - we missed you) at Sam's place in Hartford.  If you are from the area, then you know the red victoria house on Farmington Avenue.  It is the Clemens place - or Mark Twain's home.  Just lovely and since we were on the early side, we had a practically exclusive tour of the house and kitchen area!   One very interesting fact is that Sam was born and died during the viewing of Halley's Comet.  Most of is well know works were written while he lived in his Hartford Home.  Actually you could spend a lifetime learning about this truly amazing man.  We then took a took a tour of various historic streets and ended up at Avon Old Farms for a great lunch.

What a great time!  Jim & Rhonda - see you in the spring!  Frank - give hugs and kisses to everyone at home!  Wishing you the best and thanks for the surprise!

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