Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Just a quick note to all of you.  Thanksgiving is a great time of the year.  Sometimes it is so warm and other times it is like the middle of February.  This year it looks like it will be nice and most of all, it will be spent with some of my family.

Mom and I spoke this evening and did the run down.  Two pies and cake she'll bake tomorrow, and put out the serving dishes and such.  I'm making the salad for the dinner and the special salad for mom and I.  My salad is a vegetable salad - it has just about everything in it and is very colorful and good.  I'll be making a fresh vinaigrette dressing.  She puts the turkey in the oven about midnight and by the morning - the bird is just magnificant!  I've picked up various types of bread for dinner - a soft loaf and two crusty loaves.

 I'm also bringing another Thanksgiving tradition - the indian apples.  Now if you look up indian apple and get the defination - it's not Podophyllum peltatum, native to North America; also known as May-apple, mandrake, wild lemon, raccoon-berry, and wild jalap. It's pomegranates.  I remember as a kid enjoying them to no end and always sad when we finished them.  That tradition has been passed on to my nieces and nephews.  It also seems that I'm the "incharge" on getting and supplying the indian apples for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What are you traditions?  Are you passing them along, remember that those experiences that are passed along are great memories for down the road.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

PS - The Macy's Day parade begins at 9am!

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