Monday, August 9, 2010

Taylor's Day at Camp

It was Taylor's Day with me.  She planned that we would do the Loop.  The Loop is the 6000-6600 blocks of Delmar Boulevard near Forest Park.  Its lined with many shops and plenty of places to get a bite to eat.  We walked the entire street - both sides - walked all the planets and visited with each "star" in the Walk of Fame.  A star is for an individual that has some connection to St. Louis - very interesting to find all these folks!

While it was hotttttt and humidddddd, it was great.  We would hop in and out of little businesses and stores.  Visited a yarn shop, while lots from Vermont, there was some hand dyed roving that came from some sheep not far from the shop.  Another shop had this interesting perfume, we both tried it and kept smelling the difference all night long. 

Several shops had vintage clothing, and some with 'hi' fashion clothes.  The vintage vinyl record shop - Wow, talk about stepping back into time!  There were the shops with all sorts of local artists jewelery, pottery, and artwork.  We missed some of the shops as the either closed early or were not open.  Not to worry, it gives us some places to explore on a future trip.

For me it was a great time! We had a chance to talk about her future at college.  About girl stuff, and just about what was going on.  She'll be leaving for college in just about a week from now to join the undergrad class at  Franciscan University of Steubenville!  Go Taylor!!

To wrap up our evening - we went to Pi Pizzeria.  You may think, yeah? big deal pizza?  I must say it was the best thin crust pizza I have ever had and it was gluten free!  We shared a salad and designed two, very different, great pizzas. I had a local draft beer - while not gluten free, it was fresh and really cold.   We sat back and enjoyed ourselves.  The restaurant was fun, very very busy, and by the time we left (about 7:30), the place was packed - inside and out - with a line waiting in 95degree weather!

Once again Taylor, thanks for a great day!

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