Sunday, August 1, 2010

It Bloomed!

Wow - look what I found this morning as I did my early gardening!

It's a Water Hyacinth.  I found this perennial plant  Bob's Vegetable Stand in Wethersfield at the beginning of the season.  They had explained that I need to put it into a big bucket of water and let it sit.  A month an a half has gone by, nothing happened except for happy yellow jackets that loved the water.  This moring to my surprise, it bloomed.

This plant is considered a very agressive pest and clogs water ways.  While it is a perennial, it will not survive the winter up here in the north.  It is native to South America, and is illegal to transport or have them in Texas.  Florida has had them for decades and if left unchecked, like the Kudzu, the hyacinth will choke out and kill waterways.

In the mean time, I'm going to enjoy the blooms until the frost get's here and may continue to keep this water plant in my garden for summers to come.

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