Friday, December 17, 2010

Kitchen Yeah!

Yes, it's done - Bob the Builder has done a great job in fitting the new microwave and hood into the current scheme of the kitchen. 

This is what I started with - ugh! First order of business - get new appliances especially the fridge.  It was running and running, so annoying.  The stove didn't work too well.  I finally gave up when baking a cake took twice as long as it should have.

So the new appliances arrived.  Thanks to my neighbor, Julie, she had done some homework and shared it with me.  That' when I found out that the microwave hood didn't fit.

It was too large compared to the space.  Oh well, Plan B into action.  Bob the 'all around fix it guy' was back in business after an extended shoulder injury.  Just in time, and of course there  was a list of lots of other items.

So here it is.  As he said, 'it was a bit crazy making the cabinet smaller and it became insane when the doors couldn't be made smaller'. I give him a lot of credit, especially while we were shopping in Lowes together to come up with a "fix".

Two brains, lots of patience on Bob's part, some stain, okay a couple of stains to match, and Plan B happened- voila doors with a black mesh sreen. 

Don't think a decorator could have done better!

Glad to have appliances that work and my electric bill went down $14 in the first month!

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