Monday, December 13, 2010

Tis the Season - The White Tree

Two years ago I put up my white tree for the first time in a long time.  That year was special as my nephew, Seamus help decorate the tree.  This year, now the third time.  It has evolved a bit from the past years.  I found that those pics you get at the craft store make a lovely decoration to the end of the stick branches.  I found little doves in silver, gold, and white.  I  found some beautiful crystal icicles in Storrtown Village at the Big E.  Hand made and imported by Kurt Adler, they reflect the light so beautifully and add that extra sparkle to the tree.

The new addition to this year is a hand made crystal pineapple.  I found it at the Yankee Candle on my way back from New Hampshire.   Pineapples have long been a symbol of welcome, hospitality and wealth to all that live here.

It goes back to Christopher Columbus and to colonial America.  Once discovered, the pineapple became the 'treat of kings'.  No matter if you were back in Europe or here in colonial days, the pineapple became sought after.  Shop keepers were known rent out the pineapples before they were purchased by the more affulent families in the town.

In the seafaring towns of the east coast of America, the symbol of the pineapple can be seen in the architecture.  It was said that pineapples would be put out on the gate signifying that the sea captain was home and available to receive guests.

Time to take the tree out, set it up, and enjoy the ornaments that you have collected over the years.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, those decorations have stories.  Do you have the stories written down?  Hopefully this year, as you decorate for your holiday, you may have the chance to write about them.  

By the way, my tree is complete and I'll be enjoying it all month long!

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