Wednesday, January 14, 2015


And I'm off on my challenge to make at least 50 snowflakes by Thanksgiving.  

With one a week, it should be easy enough.  I've found my pattern books and have copied with permission patterns from all over the world.

Love to read patterns in other languages - most of them - once you get the rhythm - it makes sense.  Of course if they have diagrammed their work - it is easier.  Not all patterns are written equally, there is the native language, if it is British or US terminology, it depends on when it was written, pre 1900 or now.  It is all about this challenge.

These need blocking. When I get another block to use for blocking and sufficient snowflakes made - I'll have a blocking party.

Hmmm  nice way to gather some fiber enthusiasts together and get the job done!

Top left - by Snowcatcher
Top right - Grandma Jennie's Pattern - by Kara
Bottom left - Lacy Snowflakes by Brenda S. Greer #30
Bottom right - White Christmas in Thread #8

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