Saturday, January 3, 2015

This Year 2015

Welcome 2015!  Can you believe it?  Of course we can.  It's seems like a rush and it was here.  I know myself that after a busy season, two campaigns that run somewhat concurrently - then the year was over; then what?  

This year there were small successes, a few ouches, some realizations, and there was some plain ole fun.  I had a chance to be creative with my thread - barely (pun intended).  Harvested lots of veggies from our expanded plot in the community garden. Worked on two political campaigns.  

I found new ways to bring my charity work to the forefront so the charity gets better attention.  Put up with folks that 'steal' ideas and attempt to call it their own.  I say - what you put out there, only comes back at you!  Karma is good!

This 'creed' for 2015  is really simple.  It is very much like the How to Build a Community poster I have hanging up in my home.  It's about your time and space - your journey.  What have you done or not done - good or bad  (that's a judgement thingy)?  

I made some handmade gifts - some were appreciated, others were acknowledged and some ignored.  What was important, I enjoyed being creative. One joy was getting back to blogging in combination with a minimalist challenge.  My home is better for it and a better sense of organization has invaded my space as I look each day to continue to rid the stuff not necessary from my life's journey.  As the 'stuff' goes away, I feel a weight lifted -  the 'stuff' does not take space, nor time, nor energy.  

This year - let's see how it unfolds.  In a couple weeks I'm hosting the "cousins" party.  There are nine of us - making a total of 17 when including the spouses.   There is the beginning of my personal count down to the "big birthday" some graduations, trips, and who else knows.

Happy 2015 ----  Let's get living the good life.

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