Monday, June 8, 2015

Living My 60th Year - A heck of a week

It's been a heck of a week.  Can't say it was one of the best, yet it is getting better as I clean off more stuff.

Geez this sounds boring on one hand, though the progress is getting better.

I've another organization that is now on summer vacation after their meeting this week.  I completed my responsibilities on Sunday and emailed off the document to the gang.  It is missing some information, yet it is as complete as it goes.

This past week we had more rain and pretty cloudy days.  Finally cleared up by the end of the week in time for the weekend.  It was Tag sale/fundraiser
weekend here in town; the Rotary was at the high school; the Art League was on the lawn of the Kellogg-Eddy house and was coordinated with the Historical Society on the same property; and let's not forget the Congregational Church!

I was on a textile shopping hunt.  I did not find any lace, though I went back to the United Methodist whom had a booth at the Rotary sale and got such a deal!  That is an enormous bucket filled with embroidery thread, couple of knitting needles for my mom's friend who teaches knitting, other bits and pieces ... and including the bucket $20! And found a small end table - for the cost of carrying it away!  It could use some sanding and painting.  Instead I'll cover it with some lace and I'll be loving live.  Found a crochet book at the Art League $2 and some gift boxes and picture frame from the Historical Society $4 and lastly a small plastic storage box, good for thread, picture frame and file stand for another $5.  LOL!  What a deal.

The studio/bedroom is almost back in order.  I'm taking my time and clearing away a few more items that do not need to be there.  It is nice to have the ceiling looking clean again.

I didn't attend to the farm too much.  The picture is the squash plot - my plot isn't complete yet.  Yeah Yeah Yeah -- I know, so much to deal with and so little time.  My green bean plants have germinated!  Kinda surprised that all the seeds didn't wash away.

This will be a big week!  Take care and enjoy your week too!

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

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