Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Snowflakes - Look what I found!

Yes, I've been away and unfortunately not making my snowflakes.

It feels like summer here.   When I wrote last time, it was winter at the end of April.  Now the snow is melted and everything is in bloom.   Lately, I've been feeling 'blessed' as much that I am working on is coming together.  The first time in a long time.

This is one instance of my work coming together.  Back when I challenged myself to make the snowflakes, it was two fold.  One to make a snowflake and second to take the time to write about the process of making a snowflake.  Sometimes we go along without a bump, then there are those bumps that take you out of circulation.  It hit one of the later bumps.

Lucky that bump didn't last for long. This past week I was taking a part the studio.  Reclaiming old projects, cutting off projects,
and deciding what I truly wanted to complete.

This one is a reclaim project.  I found another use for this thread - I needle tat five petal flowers.
I can do them in my sleep and when I'm in a meeting or waiting, I can whip off one in about 15 minutes.  Since I started making the flowers last fall, I think I made at least 50-60 of them of which I have given most of them away.  This week alone - I made/gave away nine  of them.  It is so cool to do as the recipient is surprised and pleased and I know in my heart there is a little bit of handmade lace in another home!

Okay - back to snowflakes.  I found the snowflakes in the pictures above!  Viola!  Fifteen of them, most white (10) and five of them are in ecru.  Not too sure about the ecru ones yet.  Of course - they need to be blocked and I need (to make peace in my mind) find out which pattern book they came out of.  While I've been away since April 22nd, I need eight snowflakes complete by today to keep on track to be done by November!  Looks like the crochet spirits are with me and have rewarded me with a few spares.

Therefore...... based on the 21 completed so far..... and the white ones - I've 31 completed and a few to spare.  I'm feeling back in the saddle again and look forward to posting new snowflakes and beginning to get them starched!

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