Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring is on it's way!

Today the sun was up at 6:57! Since my shades aren't drawn, I get to awake to the gentle change from dark skies to the morning sky. When the sun shines on our side of the clouds, it's an extra special morning.

My routine is just like yours, getting up and taking care of personal hygiene, excercising, getting the paper, breakfast all before you may jump of the road to go to work. Of course many of you have families and that makes the morning even busier, with who's going to miss the bus, making lunches, and coordinating who needs a ride or is getting a ride.

I do have one activity in the morning that makes my whole day. It's my 5 at 5. I take only 5 minutes and pick up, make the bed, wipe the spashes off the mirror, recycling goes out, clean out the sink, counters wiped down, put all items in their place - any combination. It's a great relief when I can say I have already accomplished something for my day!

With spring coming - I want all the free time I can get to enjoy the longer days. Hope you can find a find a little 5 at 5 in your life and so you may get out and celebrate.


Shelby said...

Hey Aunt Patty,

Are you able to get on Skype to chat? I would like to talk to you about the vacation!


PattyCPA said...

Hey Shell-Bell

I you are looking - I'll be on in the morning on Friday - then late afternoon :)

Hope you are having fun!

Love ya back
Aunt Patty