Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Vote is in

.... with a very narrow margin ..... 32% of the voters coming out to the polls!

The "NOs" (that is, do not change the charter) won by 51 votes! 2898 Nos vs 2849

Yes, I'm sure there is a re-count. This is a sad victory for the people of the town. For all of those that do not like change - then it is more of the same. Our property taxes have risen more than 60% in the last ten years - ouch!!! Heck if you compouned the inflation rate for the last ten years ---- no way near it. Take a $1,000 ten years ago, increase it for inflation and ten years later it would be $1,292.95. For those of you that pulled out the calculator - thats a 29.29% increase!

So Change the charter - no "we" don't want change. More of the same is good??? I tell the naysayers - time to smell the coffee!

YET the people have spoken and hopefully with the next go around - we will ge a resounding YES!

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