Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Yes it is - EARTH DAY - once again. Though each day is Earth Day, hopefully we all take a moment to rejuvenate our awareness of how each day we live on our planet will affect our planet. So to begin with - see this video,,,,,
Where were you 40 years ago when we first celebrated Earth Day?  I was in high school and we helped pick up litter in the parks. Since then, I've done my best at being a greener inhabitant of Mother Earth. I've taken part in work crews to clean up roadways, clean up parks, and other types of events to encourage awareness that our planet is a place we need to take care of.

What makes me a bit discouraged at times, is why are those spaces not still clean? Don't we get it? Are we not aware of how to keep our space clean?

So many questions - So here are some answers.

First and foremost - YOU make the difference in your environment.

Let's talkTrash - if each household in the US (approximately 115 million households as projected by the US Census) could eliminate one bag of trash a month either by recyclying it or by not buying products with so much waste, that would calculate to be  inexcess of 1.3 million tons of trash not going to the land fills or being recycled into other products.

Recycling - Our town will be changing from the blue buckets to in-line recycling. There is a chance the people of the town could increase recycling and reduce trash. Just one ton less trash would save the taxpayers over $71. Not big enough $$s for you? When there is hundreds of thousands of tons a year - the $$s really add up.

Lights - turn them off and try those Energy Savers CFLs. Lowering your electric usaged not only saves you $$s it saves resources for all of us.  At first I didn't like them as I didn't feel they were bright enough. So for places that I need better/brighter light, like over my desk or my lace pillow, I have one bright light instead of the whole room.  Open your shades, wash the screens over the windows, it is amazing how much more light can enter an room.

There are hundreds of ideas you can do if you sit back and determine how YOU will impact our Earth.  YOU can make the difference.

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