Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week Later - The Plan

It's been a week from writing the Plan.  How are you doing with your Plan?  Committed it to paper yet?  My Plan continues to grow as I unload from my brain and get it to paper. 

I've scored big in the way of my "studio".  The studio / 2nd bedroom is my lost child of my home.  While I haven't yet lived here two years, I walk by it at least twice a day. Other than some overnight guests, it's not working for me. 

It's a great room with two large windows that streams in lots of light.  Has the some electrical outlets, though I'd like a few more, has cable, has two large closets, and is quite generous in size - some 15' by 11'.  So over the weekend inbetween work, the Sheep and Wool show, Friends of Library stuff, I took time to measure out the room and begin to look at what I want it to be. 

What first came to mind, is that in my last home, my 'studio' was generally packed away into cabinets and closets throughout the house.  It was terribly efficient in that it was all put away, though inefficient when putting it all together.  Now I have this space and I'm not sure what I'd like to do.

I measured the room and looked around my current furnishings and what I found is that two bookcases from the office could really work well in the studio.  Actually the matching third bookcase is in the studio right now.  That means the ricky old shelving unit could be reworked into some needed shelving in one of the closets.  I know, that leaves some books in the office possibly without a shelf.

Now that I started this project, time to break it down into smaller tasks or it will become overwhelming and nothing will get done.  So first - organize the unfinished projects! 

I began to gather up and set out my unfinished projects.  Anyone that enjoys the creative process generally has more than one project on hand. LOL!!!  I'll admit to that!  I found and agreed to some 21 crochet projects that are in the midst of almost done!  I get started because I like the design, or it poses a different stitch I'd like to learn, or it is just different.  Often times these projects get put aside as an event will come up and I choose to make an item for that event. You can watch the progress at my Creative Sources blog.

By organizing these projects, I feel somewhat accomplished.  I'll be leaving for retreat in a few days and I'm packing some of my projects to take with me so they will be completed when I return.

During our demonstration of lace making at the Sheep and Wool festival, I took one of my projects and just about completed it.  Later on in the weekend I added the balance of the edging and the tassels.  KC wasn't really excited about it (she doesn't like change) though by this morning, she was enjoying her little blanket!

I encourage you, take some moments for yourself and set up your Plan!

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