Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home Garden

Finally today I had a few minutes to finish planting the herbs and flowers in my container garden. 

This year's planting of basil, basil, thyme, purple sage, chives, parsley flat & curly, balm lemon, and savory and more basil.  So far all is healthy and growing well. 

When I stoped at Bob's Fruit Stand, in Wethersfield (next town over) they were having a sale. I was able to pick up some annuals, called mini bells and a plant with blue flowers.  So much for my flora knowledge at this time.   More pictures as the plants grow!

 Two summers ago, the large grass fern in the picture on the left was only 2 ft high when I planted it.  It is now over 4ft high.  The mound of green in front of the fern is Savannah's plant.  This year it was so beautiful and it too has grown.

My evergreen wreath,  by my door, is decorated with American Flags.  You can also see the "new" walkway that was installed earlier this spring.  Seems like the outside is getting better!

Looking forward to my herbs and watching my garden grow.

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