Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Need A List??

Yes, I said a List. What kind of List am I talking about? Well, any kind of task that needs a list. Spring cleaning your house, guest room preparation, kids going to camp, kid going to college, organizing, event planning, prepping the garden, grocery, all kinds of lists.  A list where you get to check it off when you are done.

I came across this site ListBean from reading Sherri Kruger’s blog, Serene Journey. She co-founded this site, it is truly amazing – a woman after my own heart and a treasurer of goodies here to make your life easier.

Lists, sometimes I think it is my middle name. I had lists for various things, first on paper and I photocopied them when the occasion arose. Then I typed them up in my computer so I could print one off at a moments notice. I’d critique them as times changed so that they would be as current as possible. I had two list for traveling – domestic and international. I had a standard grocery list containing all the staples I would use. I had event lists for holidays, a spring cleaning list – some lists had breakdowns for a time line of a month before, two weeks before, mini shopping list, and the day it would all happen.

You could say that is a bit obsessive and I might agree, naw not really. You could agree and say life is so much more busy and now it makes sense. Yet, if life is so much more busier, then a set of lists, tailored to meet your demands and schedule will make your life simpler and peaceful.

Thanks to Sherri for taking this idea to the net. I recommend you stopping by, sign up, log in and begin to enjoy the joy of a great list!

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