Monday, March 16, 2015

Living My 60th Year - Circles in Life

What a week - It was housekeeper week and that means things need to get back to their "place" .  I'll admit - I can litter about the place.  Then I pick up and especially during housekeeper week.  So it is getting back around to where it was last month... coming full circle.

Housekeeper week started several years ago.  Once a month, I have a friend of mine come in and clean - mostly big stuff.  She makes it feel great and I get to continue to work.  When she's done - it's like a awakening from a great dream.   Everything is done, kitchen, laundry, floors, carpeting, etc... even dusting!  Go ahead and laugh!  It is the greatest feeling and I can feel the effects well into the next week.   

This past Saturday was the century celebration of Pi -  π is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159. It has been represented by the Greek letter "π" since the mid-18th century, though it is also sometimes spelled out as "pi"  (wikipedia).

I bought these two tee shirts - kinda cute!  Sent one to my niece Jessica who is finishing up her student teaching of math!  She was excited when I told her - us math buddies gotta stick together.  

By the way it was Albert Einstein's birthday on March 14th ...  gotta love this guy!  

It is budget time in the Town - talk, talk, and talk.  We are faced with some difficult challenges.  The past and current Town Council/Board of Education/Town Manager have spent lots of time kicking the can down the road only to have it come back to hit time in the butt.  The Town folks are not happy and the public is beginning to roar.  The State is attempting to take away the powers of the TPZ of many of the Towns so it can make up a Transit Corridor.  With transit corridors - it also comes with housing, traffic, etc, all on the backs of individual towns and an additional strain on each of their budgets.  Elections could not come any sooner.  This November - we could see the end to a regime, and come back to basics of what our roots, our services, and how we wish to live in our Town, it's a circle too.

Ball of thread - in my snowflake challenge (SC) I've been finishing up balls of thread that had been in the open box located in the studio.  It was getting lots of unfinished balls and that wasn't working.  So with the SC, I decided that I'd use up all the white balls of #10 thread that I had on hand.  Oh my goodness - two balls done and now I couldn't find another ball?  No worry, it was in an unfinished project bag - the project has been eliminated (that feels great) and I've another ball of thread to put to work.

I opened a Port wine over last weekend that I purchased in Sydney Austrialia over two decades ago.  Opening an old bottle, there is a doubt that it was opened - it may have spoiled.  I had to find a pair to get the top off.  The first taste - it transported me back to old Sydney town.  When I was there, I had the chance to taste a 30 yr old of this same wine.  What memories came back!  

Circles of life are everywhere - from  the changing of the seasons to the simple everyday routines we carry out without a second thoughts.  IMHO - we all need to slow down a couple of degrees - look around and appreciate all that we have.  

I'm appreciating a clean home, I was alive for the celebration of Pi, speaking out with what we need vs. not need in budgets, a great tasting port wine and finding another ball of thread to complete more snowflakes.

Take a deep breath - breathe deeply several times and then look around - you will see your surroundings just a little bit different  - Happy Pi!

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

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