Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Snowflakes - ice dam inconvenience!

 Time seems to be flying by...  this past week we "welcomed" more snow... about 4 more inches of the white stuff on the first day of Spring.  You have to love New England!

The manager, Alan, from the Association finally came out to look at the third floor damage.  I've two entire ceilings that need to be re-done due to ice dam staining.  Then the carpeting that is against the wall I share with my neighbor Joan........ jeez, what a mess.  It may mean I need a new carpet for the entire room as the stains don't look like the kind you wash out.  Of course, another week goes by.

As if the news can not be getting better, Alan noticed that there seems to be one of the trusses that holds up my third floor has given away and the flooring is slanted, the walls have separated from the ceiling - not a good sign!   Not in any danger of collapsing but now this project is escalating.

With all that --- here's this week's snowflake courtesy of Snowcatcher.  It is so appropriately named JackHammer.  Like I feel this week!

This one was fun to do!  There is a rhythm in her patterns.  The points on the third round started off a bit quirky, then it was success!  I like this one and may make more of them as they are small, easy to do,   Heck my project needs a bunch of itty bitty flakes.

Here's wishing that Spring begins where ever you are living!

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