Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Snowflakes - finding more thread

 Great week, I completed two flakes #14 and #15!

The top is called SP-511 - Unfortunately I don't have the designer's name.  A friend of mine sent me a copy of the pattern.

The bottom is called Sophronia from Snowcatcher.  Her patterns are just lovely.  She puts up a new design each Monday.   This patten had lots of work on the third round.

I'm beginning to understand how the snowflake is made.  Couple yards of thread, a crochet hook, a few rounds of stitches and it happens before your eyes.  Remember snowflakes have six points!

The notebook I set up as I started this challenge - I'm respecting it and including all the patterns, credits, etc that I have worked.  Of course, we  have enjoyed the pictures.  This has been on of my best organized efforts!

My snowflake challenge falls over into other aspects of my life.  I finished up two balls of DMC  #10 in getting these snowflakes so far.  Great as that's two balls out of the open stash box - though no more white.  I began scouring my stash and could only find balls of Ecru ?  Where is my stash of white?

So there I am pulling apart items in the studio.  I found two unfinished thread crochet projects stuck away from a very long time ago.  One was almost done - though I'm not excited about it any longer. I may reclaim the thread from that project - but not right now.   A second one was really not started.  It was a multiple motif placemat - nice pattern but.....  The second project doesn't exist any longer!!  So now a hook can be placed back into the holder and I found an almost full ball of #10 DMC Cebelia!!

Yeah - studio received a few moments of my much needed attention.  I've an almost full ball of thread to continue making my snowflakes.  For the unexperienced, I've 284 yards of thread to continue on.

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