Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Minimalism - March

March is a month with lots of celebrations and an amazing big work load for me.  So that means small efforts for the Minimalism treatments needed in my life.

Just before St. Patty's day - as I was waiting for the corn beef to finish cooking - what a great time to keep moving ahead in the kitchen.  Two more cabinets were emptied and wiped down, some items were relocated and the balance was put back.

One item I found/discovered is how to make deposits using my phone.  Oh my goodness - what a great time savings.  Using an app from the bank, take a picture of the front and back of the check -- be sure to manually endorse the back -- type in the amount of the check and then hit the submit button.  It must be a clear picture and there are rules of how many checks can be deposited in one day, and how many in a ten day period and also amount limitations.

The rest of the month was  little items all over the house.  This time of year it is about work.  Next month will be much the same.  Yet I think I will find time to clear away some more items with two visits, one with my nephew and a girlfriend coming in from Georgia.

What did you get done?  Remember getting one thing done is more than you had completed the day before.  Moving ahead is great for your spirit.

Day 21 - kitchen cabinets - only the necessities  - Take one cabinet/drawer a day
0.  Cabinet to the right of microwave -----  December
1.  cabinet left of microwave
2.  drawer below #1 January
3.  Drawer below #2 January
4.  Drawer below #3 January
5.  drawer to right of stove January
6. cabinet below #5 - March
7.  drawer on left side of island  February
8.  cabinet below #7 February
9.  drawer on right side of island- March
10.  cabinet below #9 February
11.  cabinet above to the left of sink
12.  cabinet above sink
13.  cabinet above to right of sink
14.  Pantry closet /February
15.  storage in garage.
16.  storage cube in dining room
17.  Cabinet in dinning room January
18.  Cabinet Below sink!!  - March

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