Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Snowflakes - Less is more

This snowflake designed by Snowcatcher is called Peewink after a mountain of the same name in Colorado.

There are a couple of stitches -- a sc picot and a dc picot.  Both are used at the points of this snowflake.  I need a bit more practice as the ones I did are not very consistent.

Each of the snowflakes are unique - such as nature intended them to be.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the "new and improved" Michaels store.  It moved from down the street to farther down the street.  I was curious as they had been offering lots of 'deals' with the improved store.  I was there for an hour or so - it must be 4x larger, though it only had more of the same of some items and less of other items.  Less there was of what little threads they carried, it is now even more scarce.

One of the sales folks, very nice man, was trying to help me - though they are not carrying the merchandise.  What less yarn and even less thread!!  I was quite disappointed.  He suggested that I write to Michaels on their website of my disappointment.  So I did.  I did get a response -- it was less than expected as it appears that no one read my letter nor could make any comment.  Sad to say - that letter said that my business and my opinion is not worthy.  They will now have one less customer.

When one  items closes.... another will open, sometimes less is more.

20 of 50 completed......... or 40% done!

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