Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Snowflakes - making progress

Yeah !!  Three More done.  Thanks Snowcatcher.

These are called from the top, Garden Snowflake 8, Garden Snowflake 9, and Garden Snowflake 10.

This week's worth were a bonus for me.  The patterns were simple and great to do a trio.  I like each of them and would consider making them again in the possible second 50?

Spring sprung last week and we were met with yet another snow storm.   Of course in New England- March snow storms don't do much other than inconvenience.

Snow is now warming up into spring showers and melting some of the piles.  We will have some snow piles till May!

Nineteen completed of the fifty!  Yeah  38% completed!  keep it up and I'll get done before the end of the summer.  Hmmm  an idea for an entry into the Creative Arts this September?  Stay tuned.

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