Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Living My 60th Year - A Step Forward and Giving Thanks

It was a great week... some changes and some fun.

This picture - I was impressed how it came out.  The storm clouds were rushing in as it blocked out the sun.  I was driving and finally found a place I could pull over and take this picture - with my phone.  It was truly impressive how mother nature painted the sky.  The storm that came later, did just that came and went.

I had a nice surprise to attend my niece's fashion show that her class and all the classes at her high school puts on at the end of school term.  It was fun.  Very interesting how the same pattern was used by many students, yet the students chose  different fabrics and colors.  As long as she is interested in fashion and design, I'll be going to three more of these annual events!

Saturday was our Memorial Day Parade and I volunteered with the local community TV station to help video tape it.  It's an early crew call, 7 am,  to get it all set-up to begin filming at 11am.  It was a grand day, lots of folks coming out to honor those military men and women that have  given so much to our country and it's freedom.

In between all of this was the GARDEN - got to get it in.  Pam and I got the new plot - just squash - all finished!  Yeah!!   Green and yellow summer squash and some winter squashes - acorn, butternut and spaghetti.  Then we were back to the prior two plots - we are rotating the planting between the two plots.  Got about one half planted between the two.  

We are still missing a couple of solutions as to how to trellis up the peas and cucumbers and mulch to keep the weeds back.   I've done more research - should pan out this week!  Our seedlings didn't do so well, so we are out buying plants to take care of getting the garden underway.  I'm a bit disappointed, this too shall pass.  

Work was a little slow in the garden on Monday as the temperature and humidity rose.  Even with #30 sunscreen, I got really red and felt pretty sick.  Maybe I need a new tube of the stuff - ya think?

I expect to plant a little more each day for this coming week.  Pam is reworking the plan some more so that we can get them all in by the weekend - That's the plan!

Back on the home front, I've been all over the place - scattered - and not getting anything accomplished.  It's beginning to make me crazy. I finished resigning last week from the executive board of a group I was involved.  Nice to remove all the 'stuff' from my place.  Now I need to reclaim that time for me.  

I made up a list for my home....  floor by floor and space by space.  It's not a perfect plan - yet it is a plan with sufficient flexibility that should allow me to get going.   I bet there are even more items that didn't make this draft.  That is why they call them drafts!  When it is done - I expect to see the "list" empty!   I even begun a "what I have done" page in my notebook.  Helping me see progress.

Another week - it is coming together - slowly - I know, I know, it didn't happen overnight, so give me some slack!

Enjoy!  Remember to give your service people a nod of thanks!

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

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