Thursday, May 7, 2015

Minimalism - April

April was not my month to minimize!  That's okay.  Sometimes life get's in the way.  More items were moved to the garage and out of  nooks and crannies.   

I did so some mental exercises as what to do.  What I did arrange to help the load was to have the housekeeper come the day after tax season!  Yippie!!  While I couldn't appreciate the cleaning in the same way (too tired) I made some headway in clearing way more 'junk/stuff' that has somehow accumulated in my place.   

With house guest arriving for the 2nd half of April, the studio needed to get back to being a guest room.  

I've been ruthless in the office, out old books, donated or trashed.  Opening old files and scanning and/or trashing the contents.  While not too exciting, there is space being created!

Didn't do much more in the kitchen for the month of April - I did maintain and that is good.

So see ya next month!  It will be a surprising month for me - energy is rising, spring in the air and moving on.

No progress for April --  stay tuned!
Day 21 - kitchen cabinets - only the necessities  - Take one cabinet/drawer a day
0.  Cabinet to the right of microwave -----  December
1.  cabinet left of microwave
2.  drawer below #1 January
3.  Drawer below #2 January
4.  Drawer below #3 January
5.  drawer to right of stove January
6. cabinet below #5 - March
7.  drawer on left side of island  February
8.  cabinet below #7 February
9.  drawer on right side of island- March
10.  cabinet below #9 February
11.  cabinet above to the left of sink
12.  cabinet above sink
13.  cabinet above to right of sink
14.  Pantry closet /February
15.  storage in garage.
16.  storage cube in dining room
17.  Cabinet in dinning room January
18.  Cabinet Below sink!!  - March

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