Monday, May 11, 2015

Living my 60th Year - Clearing the Decks!

A good week - finding the time to complete items that will no longer have to deal with... is such a good feeling.

It has lifted burdens and silenced self-talk that can happen - heck we are human, aren't we.  That action allows for the new to spring up... those activities that give you pleasure.

This is the lavender I planted last fall.  After uncovering it from 3 ft of snow and all the leaves packed around it - it is coming back!   I've taken off the expended woody portions and I think I'll be enjoying the scent all summer long.

My friend, Terry, finished up her visit here in CT with spending the last day and half with me.  We found some time to just converse, looked up better directions to get her back to Georgia (yes she drove up here).   We watched a movie - The Kings Speech on HoopLa which I could down load from the Library!

 We took off  to the fabric store to find some cotton to make a liner for my new basket.  That was great - a violet remnant - almost a yard for about a $1!  Then she helped me find some fabric to make fabric yarn that will go into making a crocheted basket.  The one in the center is the inspiration colors and the two other will compliment the inspiration.  

We took in the last day of the Friends of the Library book sale and I found some baby books for the gift basket I'll be making.   Of course I found a book or two for me :)  Can't help myself when it is $6 / bag and you get a reusable bag.

I started the baby blanket from a pattern I found.  A few adjustments to the pattern to compensate for the type of yarn ---- and with the stash yarn I've had forEVER - Viola!   It works up pretty quickly with changing colors just about every row.  It will be about 34" wide before the fringe and about 40ish" long depending on the repeats.  What is really amazing ....  this is a big hole in the stash closet!  

Kitchen cabinets are finally done - a minimalist task I started is now complete.  My goodness when I take out unused items, there is much more room and I can see what is there.   Partial set of dishes, additional vases, and more duplicates of items that I'm wondering ... why, why, why?

By the way -- I found that the Sr Center here in town has a consignment shop.  So I may be able to turn a few of these treasurers into a couple of bucks for more yarn or thread?

Stay tuned for more Clearing the Decks.......  it is not just the stuff in your life.... it is what you are doing each day!   Permission to board Matey, and full steam ahead.

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

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