Monday, July 13, 2015

Living my 60th Year - little things

Little Things that give us pleasure.

Little things can give us so much satisfaction and pleasure.  I'm sure each of you have a host of items, no matter the size or frequency that really make your day.  This past week there was lots of little pleasures.

Cleaning pleasures -   First of all, the week had the big cleaning day I do once a month.  From one month to the next, my minimalist measures continue to make a difference in how my place feels around me.   A bit more accomplished, few more items disposed of by some manner, my space stays in better shape as I can keep it up to date  - everything in it's place or at least, has a place!

Teaching pleasures - My girlfriend's son, Ian, was over for a bit.  Great kid and he's learning about making choices, at ten years old.  He's getting to determine what he would want or like to do and the costs $$'s.  Beginning to get grounded in learning how his choice make consequences.  Love seeing the light go on, or  an aha look.

Working pleasures - Solid work time scheduled without any interruptions.  This is like heaven as I am so much more productive.  

Craft time pleasures - Whether it be making lace and crochet, or pinning pictures, a little bit of time everyday puts the beauty of creation higher on the conscious level.   Over the last few weeks, I've finished up a bunch of little projects.  I was able to give away a scarf I just finished to a friend of mine.  She was so excited as she is going to a patriotic event in a couple of weeks and will be wearing it.  That pleasure of making it was doubled when  I was able to give it to someone who would enjoy it.  

Garden time pleasures - Pull weeds and some more weeds and lots and lots of peas and squash!  It is so quiet at the garden, a peaceful place to get away from the rush of the day.

Volunteering pleasures - seeing work come together, working with other folks that truly share the same desires to more an organization forward.  TV gang is getting the files up that we serve to the town here.   I'm doing some website coding, kinda fun yet frustrating - a little learn as you go.  I do the simple stuff and the complicated stuff goes to the experts in the group.

What are your little things?  

Here's to a year of catching the dreams you chase,
doing what makes you smile,
and loving the life you live.

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