Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Minimalism - June - Progress!

As my kick off month - I am making tremendous progress.  Are You?

Going minimalist living takes courage to find ways to dispose, eliminate, and change your head of what is important.  Stuff for the safe of stuff takes away your energy, time, and money.  I started this challenge last November.  Looking ahead, I've got five more months to my big celebration.

Here's the round up of some of the progress that happened for the Month of June.

Cubbies in the kitchen - there are four left to do out of sixteen!

Garage - began to clear out some stuff, a little at a time.  Since I've moved so much of the stuff into this space, it is creating a little bit of an overwhelming feeling.  Best thing is to pull back a little, and break tasks down into smaller chunks so something can be done.  

That's the Key to Success - break down tasks and get something done!

There was a little setback as the tables I borrowed from a neighbor to use in the garage had to be returned.  Si la vie ---- I've cleaned off another table I have and will embark on the garage once again!

Storm damage - the ceiling got done in the studio, the carpet was looked at, and supposedly the floor is okay and the Assoc will be sending someone soon?

Craft items - I started to get a little carried away.  I cleaned out the closet where I keep stuff, rearranged items so they can be used, threw out items, and found the missing in action beads I purchased last November.  What  I really found is that I have more space than I thought!

I reclaimed projects - which is to say I'm not going to finish them any longer.  So I unraveled the thread / yarn that I can use for another project.  Cut off the samples and put in my sample box.  This was the first big go around probably since I moved in.  Now the bed is covered with those projects / items that need attention but not right now.  They can sit for awhile and let them stir around in my subconscious.  Occasionally, I go and look at the closet and smile!

My lace pillows  and supplies received a first big overhaul.   I found a batch of snowflakes that I made and tucked away.  That makes a dent in my challenge to make 50 snowflakes this year!  Yippie! The star project got a big boost as I starched the little guys - so easy with a little water and all purpose white glue and pin them to the board.  The stars look amazing.

Farm - the plots are some what done or as done as it is going to be.  The squash is looking really great, the tom's are growing and have some fruit on them.  We've been weeding and weeding.  Least favorite item to do -  but it is happening.  We have picked some squash.  It's now time to go in maintain mode and let mother nature do her thing.

Books , Books, and more Books.  I was able to go through more bookshelves and get rid of more books - some went to the library for their book sale, others were tossed.

Revisit - part of this minimalism is that it is very difficult to change the way you have lived.  So I went back to the front hall closet and cleaned it out again.  This time it took only about 30 minutes and I found a winter coat that can be given away!

Organized more "paper work", undo piles - you know what those are.  Most of us have them.  So I took a small handful and sorted them out.  It was surprising (not really) that more than half were tossed out and the other half were filed in places that had been set aside for exactly that.  Then gradually, I took another handful and then another.  Before I knew it, all of the pile was sorted, scanned, filed, and tossed.  Note to self -- remember to put it away while you have it in your hands!

Minimalist living doesn't mean you are a hermit.  I arranged several get-togethers with friends I hadn't seen for  a while.  What a nice time and that allowed me to celebrate these accomplishments.

Thank you to the month of June!  I feel so much better!  Now on to July.....

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