Thursday, May 29, 2008

Radon Levels are high!

Mike the inspector called today after the 48 hours of testing the radon levels in the basement area. He was so surprised to find them well over 5.2 and some readings as high as 6.9! Safe levels are below 4.0. So now there needs to be some remediation to fix this problem. It's not really a surprise as up here on this ridge is solid rock. Should cost about $1200 bucks, give or take.

The negotiating list begins to grow, no a/c; no heat; radon in basement; garage door has dry rot and you can put a screw driver through a few of the panels. There's a bunch of bit 'n pieces, like a light switch cover, slow drain, a few small holes in the screens -nothing earth shattering. oh I almost forgot - the chimney, while it is a steel stack type, it hasn't been used or inspected in a couple of years. Other than that, it's a nice unit!

so the tale continues.....

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