Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stage the Place

.... Staging is an interesting process! Christine arrived to give my place the once over. It's a bit of a personal process - she is going to go through every nook and cranny of your space, all the little dark messy places. Our goal for last night is to determine what furniture should stay (for staging) and what furniture can be moved initially.

So great news, she said, while I have a bit much in the furniture area, I'm pretty well organized! Phew - so the run down is as such. Bedroom - leave some clothes in the closet / shelves / drawers; maybe look for matching side table lamps; leave the bed and side tables - all else - out of here. Bath, fine, leave a few items in the cabinet & drawers. Office - all goes, and will pull items from the other rooms to make this a bit of a sitting room; need to get Joe's (neighbor) blow up twin bed, and paint the room a very very light blue. Living room, take out one of the bookshelves, take off the top of another one so that it can show that you can have a big TV in the room, and the rest of the room can be reshuffeled. Move some of my art work around. Need to purchase some type of different window treatment for the patio door. Patio - buy a hanging plant, leave the chairs, bird feeding stuff - out of here. Dining room - move out the plants, two chairs, - done. Kitchen - empty most, though leave enough stuff to allow the buyer to see what / how it is all stored. Actually that is the secret to the 'staging'.

I feel a bit better, settled, allowing for "the plan" to begin to come together. The move will be pretty tight. The office is the toughest part as I wish to move furniture, files, and equipment and getting it all up and running in a about a 24 hours.

Besides stuff to change around she gave me hints to prepare for the listing! This will help as my unit has been upgraded quite a bit. Christine's feelings - this place will show really well!

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