Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There is smoke - is something burning?

So it is the inspection time. Mike the inspector arrives early, and he and I begin the job. He briefs me of his routine of how he does his job so that I can follow along with my notebook in hand. Turn on all the water in the house - gushy out, yet there is a snorkley sound - bubbles in the line. Somewhat expected since the place has been unoccupied for more than one year. Turn on the heat - off to the basement to inspect the HVAC. While the rest of the inspection was fine, found a couple little items, not anything more than I expected from my look-see in the place. Back to the HVAC - interesting heating system - it uses the hot water to feed the heat exchanger to heat the unit. We are waiting, waiting, ..... no heat ?? Inspect the condenser outside - I refer to it as a rusted boat anchor. It "turns on" yet ...... no air conditioning ?? In some respects - this is a Yeah. Better find out now.

So we wait a bit more when I begin to smell this awful buring odor. Actually we see and smell the smoke coming out of all the registers. Mike runs back to the basement to be sure it is all turned off and is looking for fire. Lee calls the listing agent to tell her so we can determine to call the fire department. Oh my goodness - like I need drama now! I don't even own the place yet! The son-in-law of the seller will come over. This is Tom, one of my former neighbors and who was my vice president while I was president of Woodsedge until he moved out and the current first lietuenent at Fire Company #1. Small Town USA! LOL or is it that I just know a few folks in town.

Tom with one of the smaller fire trucks shows up! Just like old days. Not sure what the problem is with the heating, though he's going to get "his guy" Ugo to come over. Now I'm wondering.... is "his guy" "my guy". Great news - Yes it is, it's my buddy Ugo. He's got one of the best HVAC companies in the area, works on a hand shake, is absoultely concerned that you are happy with the work. When he installed my new HWH and HVAC units, he re-piped the HWH because he didn't like the other guys work, and made sure it was all "pretty". Absolutely one of the cleanest and honest contractors that I've ever worked with.

Tom says this will not be a deal-breaker - maybe not, maybe will? Guess time will tell.
Now it is the waiting game - radon test is running - needs 48 hours. Once that information is gathered then we (Lee and I) write a letter to inform the seller of Mike's findings and possibly negotiate again.

Right Now - no heat, no airconditioning ------ the smoke is on hold!

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