Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Voted Today - Newington

It's amazing - you think we were having a major national election. Today was a vote on changing the Newington town charter.

First - a big thank you to the Charter Commission that worked for more than a year on the improvements to the Charter that is being voted upon today.

The possible hottest issue of this "change" in the charter is to bring the Town Budget to a referendum if and when the Town Council wishes to pass a budget inexcess of a 3% increase. This so hotly contested - the D's vs. R's and within parties themselves.

We have a local TV station, NCTV. So I expect this evening we should have news when the polls close.
As Town's folks we have recieved email, snail mail, robo phone solitations, and other calls to get the vote out. If you are a NO vote, an arguement stated was that since the people elect the Town Council, the people don't want to be bothered. Now that is a weak argurment (and dangerous) - around the wet noodle stage. Now I find that a bit insulting(not really) - though I know that I take an active roll in what goes on. I do know that elected officials DO NOT know what I am thinking! This revision will enable the Town's folks to have a bigger input in how and why our taxes keep going up.

Yet when we boil this down - it's a change - and too many people don't like change especially in areas they may lack sufficient knowledge and would be required to reach out to learn more.

Stay tuned ..... no news yet on how the vote turned out.

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