Thursday, June 24, 2010

Play Hooky and Discover

A week or so ago I took a hooky day.  It was great.  In my humble opinion, to have a hooky day is a day with a Plan.  A Plan that takes you away from your daily life of stuff.  So no stuff is allowed.

So I did and this day it took me out to Rhode Island.  I was off to pick up my Uncle's piece at the silversmith.  Now if you need a silversmith - this is your new best friend.  His name is Jeffrey Herman.  He is truly a find.  He repaired and polished the pieces as requested.  When I saw them, I cried, absolutely so beautiful.

Then, please, get me off the highways.  So I found the faintest line on the map representing a local road and headed off to see what I could find.  It was fun, winding around country roads. Such lovely homes and beautiful gardens and in between it all snippit views of the Atlantic.

Then around a bend I drove (actually twice) and came across Lafayette Antiques.  the shop looked small from the outside, but once through the front door it was a feast for your eyes.   Greg & Bianca, the owners, were amazing hosts while I slowly went around - there must have been a dozen rooms with lots of nooks and crannies.  There was everything, and so much of it was in Art Deco.  That was a feast.  So around the back side and remembering to look up, I found a chandelier of drop crystals that filled a dream.  It needs a new light for the center, and a good washing. We did a bit of barganing and it is now home with me. When I get it up and hanging, I'll have a picture for you to enjoy.

That wasn't it, I was still off for more.  Following the road east, it was only short drive to find myself on the Newport Bridge and landing in Newport.  I found the first parking space and began to explore.  Today wasn't a day for the mansions, it was for the galleries.  More feasting for the soul.  As the sun began to set, a friend from high school, Susan, met me at the Black Pearl where we had drinks and dinner.  We joked and laughed, the Pearl was one of the first places she and I went to when I joined her for a summer share in a house in Newport during college and the America's Cup days.  Dinner was great, conversation of catching up, about her and her daughters, my travels and escapes.  Sitting next to us was a father and daughter.  They were celebrating her graduation from West Point.  She has a little more time off before reporting for duty as an officer in the US Army.   

What a lovely day - it ended with a peaceful drive back home.  It was a great day, full of fun and discovery.  Most of all it was a real hooky day.

Plan a hooky day for yourself - you deserve it.

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