Monday, June 21, 2010

Second Year Ends

Time flies ....  on the 18th it had been two years since I moved my office to its current location.

That little mention slipped by my calendar when all of a sudden, during my master mind meeting, I remembered.  It was a quite moment, I took a long breath and smiled.  Thinking back all that has transpired in only 24 months.

Camp Aunt Patty, babysitting the St. Louis gang for some eight days, KC coming to live with me, receiving the FOCL award, assisting with my parents' health challenges, sold my first home, finally making it to lace retreat, lots of 'firsts' once again, YELOF spa days, setting up my white Christmas tree, continue to raise the $$'s for the Friends, taking a few days in Florida and at Hunter, summer concerts, yoga and so many more.  I'm so thankful for each and every event.

How about you?  Go back 24 months, what has transpired in your life, have you given thanks?

Enjoy your day.....  it's is the present!

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