Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Studio

Last week was like a train rushing through the night.  There was no stopping the steady stream as I readied by home for a week long guest.  I had been pulling apart the studio to get it in better shape.  It's been the last room that I've worked on and it doubles as a guest room.  Still no decorating, just needing the structure of the room in place - it doesn't feel workable yet.  I looked at the calendar, Leslie will be here in two days.

The consignment / antique place down the street closed down.  I was hoping to find a table and upholstered chairs.  Oh hum, to find another place is now back on the list. 

Give me a deadline and the creative spirit moves me.  With no shop to go to, that got me thinking about the current items in the room.  You may have seen the decorating show - redesign.  It's great as it looks around and makes a solution out of what you already have.  So I get the measuring tape, make a few more sketches, and found a new idea.  If I take the shelving unit from my former home and place it on top of the credenza, possible 3/4 of an inch to the ceiling - it will fit?

I moved all the other 'stuff' out and prepared the room for her arrival.  We had a great time even though I needed to work a good portion of her visit.  Leslie said that I better give her a project so she helped out one afternoon.  We dismantled this shelving and very carefully put it in its new place.  Oh my goodness - it was barely 1/3 inch!  Before long the shelves were refilled and the room looked bigger.  What a difference, Again, thank you Leslie!

This past Sunday after Leslie's departure, I kept looking at the space.  Got out my list, need some additional shelving - put that on Bob's list to do; move the dresser into the closet - that's me; empty and organize the scrap yarn stash - that's me again.  The other closet, it is going to wait.

Before I knew it, I had emptied the closet and moved the dresser into.  Then I got to the stashes of yarn. I was able to consolidate bags and boxes into a organized rainbow of colors.  Until I dumped it out and repack it, I didn't think I had that much!

Bob, handy man, will be back in a few days to add some shelving.  He just finished downsizing one of my kitchen cabinets so  my new microwave could be installed.  Now I feel pretty good.  The studio is taking shape, it's a bit peaceful.  Last night as I was taking in the success and I could hear the whistle of last train run by - isn't life just grand?

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