Thursday, October 21, 2010

Queen for the Day!

There is a time when we treat ourselves like a princess and a queen.  Off to the salon for a little pampering or a nice warm bath with the door closed! 

When we were little girls, we would play dress up and there isn't a little girl that didn't have a fairy princess dress and wand!  Of course you need a crown.  That's how everyone knew you were the queen for the day!

Royalty was bestowed upon my family this past weekend.  No one was in London visiting the Queen, we didn't find a long lost Duke in the family tree, nor did the genie fairy pop out of a magic lamp and grant us three wishes.

Remember back to high school, most of us had a homecoming king and queen.  The royal court was generally voted upon by the students.  It was a week worth of activities and then the unveiling was at a fancy dance.

One senior young woman from Lafayette High School in Wildwood, Mo was voted as their Homecoming Queen.  She's beautiful - of course being her Aunt, I am fully confident in her success.

She was so excited and should be. Heck, her father was so excited that he text me when he found out that she won at 10:30 at night! 

Congratulations Jessica, and congratulations to your royal court.  You deserve this honor from your friends and classmates.  


Anonymous said...

Nice Post Pat

I knew you would want to know right away!

Patty said...


Denise Foley said...

This made me cry:)

Patty said...

Ahh Denise - Hopefully tears of joy. Your family is blessed with this amazing young lady.

Jessica said...

thanks aunt patty!!! :)

Patty said...

Hey Jessica, You are welcome, must have been a wild ride.

Your kindness to your classmates makes a difference. You'll have a great story to tell always about your senior year.

Just think - it's a great year!

Love ya Aunt Patty